July 4, 2024

DePIN Digest: Q2 2024 peaqosystem review

What a time to be a peaqonaut, right? In the past three months, peaq successfully secured $20 million in the largest CoinList launch in the past two years, joined the Mastercard start path program, kickstarted DePIN Summer, and hosted and attended multiple DePIN and Web3 events. Not to mention that 18 teams have joined the peaqosystem, which now boasts over 700,000 devices on 30+ DePINs. And all before mainnet launch. Speaking of, mainnet is just around the corner, which makes this the perfect time to take a look at where we’re at as we ignite the engines for launch.

New peaqosystem members

Logos of all of peaq's DePINs, enterprises & SMEs, integrations, wallets, and IDs

New DePINs building on peaq


dTelecom, a DePIN for live real-time chats, video conferences, and live streaming, migrated to peaq from the Arbitrum ecosystem. By leveraging community-operated nodes that enable decentralized distribution of live audio and video streams, dTelecom works as a live-streaming and real-time communication layer for dApps and apps. Its network already powers a decentralized open-source Zoom-style video conferencing web app that rewards users for participation.

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Ec³, a DePIN for green energy storage that lets people and businesses earn rewards for using solar power, taps peaq as its layer-1 blockchain. At the heart of this DePIN of community-run solar-powered batteries lies the EC Cube, a device that can monitor green energy usage and upload its proofs on-chain. With this data, users can create Web3 certificates confirming their use of sustainable energy while earning token rewards. These certificates can then be sold as carbon offsets.

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Farmsent, a Web3 marketplace and DePIN for farmer product supply chain tracking, joined the peaqosystem to decentralize the industry that feeds us all. Farmsent’s peer-2-peer marketplace is supported by a Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network of sensors for tracking product quality and origins. This approach not only makes the global food supply chain more transparent but also reduces costs for both farmers and consumers. In Indonesia and Colombia, 160,000 farmers are already onboarded and using Farmsent.

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ATOR joined the peaqosystem to build the world’s largest DePIN for online privacy and ensure secure traffic for other DePINs on peaq. How? By leveraging onion routing technology, but on a fully decentralized network. Unlike Web2 privacy networks, ATOR doesn’t need to rely on centralized authority nodes, which limit privacy and are vulnerable to attacks. Instead, it uses a fully distributed architecture that makes it more resilient and secure. Think the Tor Project, but for Web3. 

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XMAQUINA, a DePIN of tokenized autonomous robots, chose peaq as its layer-1 blockchain. By tokenizing the revenues from value-generating automated robots, XMAQUINA unlocks a new and unique asset class for the entire Web3 community. It debuted its first device — a tokenized automated robo-cafe — at peaq’s booth at TOKEN2049 Dubai. As part of the demo, XMAQUINA also set up a Machine Pool people could join to get a share of the robo-cafe’s revenue. 

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Chirp Network

Chirp Network joined the peaqosystem to build a multi-protocol connectivity DePIN for seamlessly connecting any smart devices with global networks. Chirp’s Blackbird device, a long-range multi-protocol gateway, serves as the prime component of their DePIN. Already present in 33 countries, Blackbirds can connect anywhere in the world, making up a borderless connectivity backbone with limitless scalability potential. 

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Aizel Network

Aizel Network, a Web3 network dedicated to making AI more transparent and verifiable, has selected peaq as its layer-1 blockchain. By building a DePIN for running secure, private, and verifiable machine learning models, Aizel is primed to solve two of the AI industry’s most pressing issues: computational power and lack of openness. Aizel taps multi-party computation and trusted execution environments to protect AI-processed data from tampering, while making it verifiable via cryptographically-secured metadata.

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One of the electric vehicle industry’s main hurdles is the lack of infrastructure, primarily charging stations. charge.xyz — a DePIN of electric vehicle charging stations — is building a solution, and it’s chosen to build it on peaq. By connecting to charge.xyz’s DePIN, charging point owners will be able to rent out their stations, customize the availability of their chargers, and set their price rates. At a later stage, charge.xyz plans to expand their network by integrating public chargers.

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JuiceUp — a DePIN of community-owned power bank stations — has chosen peaq as its home. Aiming to level out the often overpriced power bank rental market, JuiceUp is building a DePIN that will let anyone set up a power bank rental station with four or more banks. Station owners will be able to earn from renting out power banks, while users can easily locate the nearest power bank and start a charging session via JuiceUp’s mobile app.

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DATS Project

DATS Project is joining the peaqosystem to build a DePIN for cybersecurity services that will let anyone lend their computing power to help fight malicious actors while earning rewards. Currently, the DATS Project DePIN counts 1,184 computers, with 7,562 CPU cores and a combined bandwidth of 48,008 megabits per second. And since joining the network is as easy as installing the DATS Project desktop app, it has the potential to scale beyond the capabilities of the world’s largest botnets run by professional hackers. 

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NyxCarbon — a lending platform for carbon removal and ecosystem restoration businesses — is joining peaq to connect sustainability-focused projects with financing. By leveraging the power of AI and Web3 technologies, they aim to improve risk assessment, simplify loan servicing, and create sustainability-linked lending opportunities for asset managers and financial institutions. This not only brings an innovative approach to solving the funding issue for environment-focused businesses, but also opens up a new class of RWAs for the global Web3 community.

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Combinder has chosen peaq as the home of their DePIN for energy data and grid load management. Owners of smart household appliances will be able to connect their smart household appliances to Combinder’s DePIN and turn them into Distributed Energy Resources (DERs). This gives users multiple ways to monetize the data generated by their devices, all while contributing to a greener world and healthier environment.

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New peaqosystem integrations


Synternet, a leading blockchain data infrastructure provider, is integrating peaq as a data publisher on its platform. This makes peaq’s on-chain data, including transactions and dataflows from DePINs, available as a stream of live data on Synternet’s decentralized network, allowing builders to create event-driven dApps leveraging live data from peaq.

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Nuklai — a layer-1 blockchain building a peer-to-peer data marketplace for AI and LLMs — is joining the peaqosystem. By providing the infrastructure for peer-to-peer data marketplaces specifically designed to fuel the next generation of AI and LLMs, Nuklai will empower DePINs on peaq to monetize their data as well as leverage it to gain useful insights and create data-driven products. Together, Nuklai and peaq will explore various technical scenarios of complementing each other’s key functions, such as data verification and monetization, for the common benefit of both ecosystems.

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Nevermined & Olas

Nevermined, a decentralized payments protocol for AI agents, and Olas, a platform that lets anyone own a share in an autonomous AI agents economy, are joining forces with peaq to bring in a new era of AI-powered devices and DePINs. This collaboration is set to unlock fully-functional Web3 AI agents for DePINs building on peaq, powering entire economies of machines interacting and transacting autonomously to ensure maximum value for their owners.

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Particle Network

Particle network — a layer 1 focused on abstraction solutions— is integrating with peaq. Particle Network’s Wallet Abstraction is a modular wallet solution designed to help Web3 builders seamlessly onboard Web2 users to their dApps. It not only allows users to access a dApp through existing email or social accounts, but also lets developers embed non-custodial wallets right into their dApp’s interface.

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Parasail is joining peaq to help new DePINs establish and grow their networks faster through an incentivized restaking mechanism that also supports refunding users should a service failure occur. By providing economic guarantees, Parasail helps boost confidence and trust in smaller, unestablished projects, giving them a fair chance to prove themselves in the DePIN space.

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Updates from peaqosystem members

Multiple streaks of red light from cars' taillights speed down a highway.

MapMetrics migrates from Solana to peaq

MapMetrics, a drive-to-earn DePIN and Microsoft’s mapping data partner, announced its migration from Solana to peaq. With it, MapMetrics brings the 55,000 users in 177 countries that are already mapping the world through its smartphone app. Want to join in on the fun? Just install the app, turn it on as you drive around, and start collecting rewards for providing data to the network. Click the link below to find out more about MapMetrics and why it decided peaq was the best home for its DePIN.

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NATIX leverages peaq IDs

NATIX has completed its first milestone in the DePIN Grant Program, which involved testing the use of peaq IDs for its street mapping app — Drive&. As part of these tests, NATIX leveraged the peaq SDK to assign peaq IDs to mobile devices in the app’s staging environment and use them to handle their respective data flows.

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AYDO adds peaq IDs

AYDO has also completed its first milestone in the DePIN Grant Program. As part of the milestone, AYDO has added peaq ID support to its DePIN of smart home sensors. From now on, each device connected to Aydo will have its own peaq ID and will be able to store its data on peaq. 

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Staex adds peaq IDs and Role-based Access Control

Staex has successfully completed their second milestone in the DePIN Grant Program by implementing both peaq IDs and peaq access. The Staex team also developed a Command Line Interface that enables builders to make use of these integrations and leverage Staex as a secure IoT connectivity layer. 

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Chirp & XMAQUINA team up

Chirp and XMAQUINA announced a partnership set to power the future of robotics. XMAQUINA will leverage Chirp’s IoT connectivity infrastructure for the deployment of its tokenized autonomous robots, enhancing their functionality and the benefits they offer to token holders. 

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Silencio makes its case for choosing peaq

Silencio wrote a whole article on why they chose peaq as the home of their DePIN for measuring noise pollution. Some of the reasons include peaq’s scalable architecture, robust security, and commitment to sustainability. Read the full article for an in-depth dive. 

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XMAQUINA & Farmsent team up

XMAQUINA will tap into Farmsent’s supply chain tracking mechanism to ensure that the coffee served from their robo cafes is of the highest quality and that its origins are transparent and easily traceable. Learn more about the partnership in the article below.

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Farmsent & Chirp team up 

Farmsent and Chirp announced a collaboration aimed at bolstering the security, transparency, and efficacy of the entire food supply chain. Thanks to Chirp’s connectivity and IoT data management ecosystem, farmers will be able to collect data in real-time from a vast array of agricultural devices and sensors. This will let them monitor agricultural processes, like soil moisture levels and crop health, in real time, while consumers will be able to trace their products, from seed to shelf, in a secure and transparent manner.

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A peek at peaq

A drone flies across a pink summer sky.

peaq secures $20 million in CoinList launch

peaq successfully secured $20 million in its CoinList launch. Thanks to the amazing peaq community, this was the biggest CoinList launch in the past two years, with over 14,500 wallets contributing a total of more than $36 million. The secured funds will primarily go towards new ecosystem programs and community-facing initiatives pushing wider DePIN adoption, as well as the continued development of peaq’s Modular DePIN Functions.

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peaq selected for award-winning Mastercard program

peaq was chosen to join Mastercard’s award-winning Start Path program for Blockchain and Digital Assets. Through the program, peaq will explore ways to connect the DePIN sector with traditional finance (TradFi), making DePINs more convenient and opening the doors of Web3 to more users. The program also paves the way for potential collaborations between the peaq ecosystem and Mastercard’s wide network of partners.

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DePIN Summer is here

Over the next 3 months, peaq will be celebrating Web3’s most real sector and championing the DePINs that are reshaping the world. DePIN Summer will encompass an interactive multi-DePIN campaign including X Spaces with the people shaping the DePIN sector, the official launch of peaq — the Layer-1 for DePIN, and tons of fun and surprises. Ready to dive into the warm waters of DePIN Summer? Click the link below to listen to the first DePIN summer X Spaces, where Sean Carey, Sami Kassab, Theo Messerer, Álvaro Gracia, and Max Thake discuss the past, present, and future of DePIN.

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peaq @ TOKEN2049 Dubai

In April, peaq attended TOKEN2049 Dubai with several peaqosystem teams, including Wingbits, penomo, TENEO, NATIX, Silencio, ATOR, and others. Conference attendees had the opportunity to learn more about the Home of DePIN and meet with some of the leading DePIN projects while enjoying a coffee or ice cream from XMAQUINA’s first deployed autonomous robo cafe. On the second day of the conference, a few peaqosystem members took to the stage to discuss how DePINs are set to bring about real-world Web3 adoption

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Guests socializing over drinks and food at the DePIN2049 event in Dubai

peaq’s TOKEN2049 booth was just one part of bringing DePIN to Dubai. After a busy first day of conferencing, the peaqosystem got together at the DePIN2049 event to relax, connect, and chat about all things DePIN over food and drinks. The chill atmosphere and good vibes were complimented by a short, casual panel discussion hosted by CoinBureau’s own Jessica Walker.

Leonard Dorlöchter speaking at the DePIN2049 panel.

DePIN Austin @ Consensus 2024

Martin El-Khouri introducing a panel of speakers at the DePIN Austin event.

But the fun didn’t end after Dubai. Determined to make sure everyone hears and knows about DePIN, the team next headed to Austin, Texas. There, attendees of Consensus 2024 had the chance to join the DePIN Austin side event, where, together with Outlier Ventures and Borderless Capital, peaq brought together DePIN founders, leading innovators, builders, and users for live demos from some of the world's fastest-growing DePINs.

DePIN Base Camp teams revealed

Outlier Ventures, peaq, and Borderless Capital have announced the six teams chosen to join the DePIN Base Camp — a Web3 accelerator program for early-stage DePIN projects. The program will provide the selected teams with funding, mentorship, and support as they develop their projects into practical, real-world DePINs. 

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Update on $PEAQ airdrop for $KREST holders

For everyone waiting for an update on the $PEAQ airdrop for $KREST holders, the latest news is that all those eligible for the upcoming $PEAQ airdrop will have the chance to double their rewards by supporting $KREST/$PEAQ liquidity pools. Click the link below to find out exactly how this will work and learn more about the specific of the upcoming airdrop. 

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peaq tokenomics published

The tokenomics of the $PEAQ token have been published on peaq’s documentation portal. With mainnet launch just around the corner, this is the perfect time to learn all about the allocation details and utility of peaq’s token. 

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Updated peaq roadmap published

peaq published an updated version of its roadmap, detailing the steps to mainnet launch and beyond. View the full roadmap in the tweet below.

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peaq gets a brand update

The peaq brand got a refresh to more closely reflect its focus on real-world Web3 use cases. You can check out the new branding on peaq’s website and watch the brand launch video in the tweet below.

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