April 26, 2024

NATIX leverages peaq IDs for its street-mapping DePIN

What is happening?

NATIX has successfully completed testing the use of peaq IDs for its street-mapping DePIN. 

Why is it important?

The integration of peaq IDs into smart dash cams running NATIX’s Drive& app is not only an important step toward yet another real-world DePIN use case, but also has the potential to bring thousands, if not millions of new devices to the peaqosystem.

What does it mean for the community?

This milestone brings the whole peaq community closer to getting peaq IDs on their mobile devices and has the potential to significantly boost peaq’s on-chain activity. 

Giving your phone a peaqID

Our mobile devices are constantly transmitting data, whether it’s our location, our browsing habits, our movement speed, or even live streams from our camera sensors. Data sharing has become a fact of life, whether we like it or not. And in most cases, it only benefits the Big Tech companies who are farming, processing, and selling all that data. But what if there was another way, a more user-centric way to do it?

That’s where NATIX comes in. NATIX is an AI-powered DePIN of smart cameras that uses edge computing architecture to ensure data privacy and security for its users. In the past year, more than 94,000 people have used NATIX’s smart dashcam DePIN app — Drive& — to help map the world in real time. To date, these users have mapped over 29 million kilometers of roads and recorded over 196 million events in 171 countries, all while earning rewards for their efforts. And now, they’re all a step closer to having their own unique peaq IDs.

NATIX has successfully completed testing the use of peaq IDs in its Drive& app. As part of these tests, NATIX leveraged the peaq SDK to assign peaq IDs to mobile devices in the app’s staging environment and use them to handle their respective data flows.

As the next steps, NATIX will continue exploring the full potential of peaq IDs and other peaq core functions, including peaq access and peaq verify — peaq’s data verification framework. The implementation of peaq verify would ensure even more trustworthy data, helping prevent bad actors from potentially abusing the system and wasting people’s time and money. NATIX will also work with peaq to explore and crystallize such technical areas as DePIN-specific NFTs and cross-chain asset ownership. 

Ecosystem Grant Program milestone 1 has been unlocked.

“This implementation has undoubtedly demonstrated not only the viability of integrating peaq IDs, but also their practicality. We’re excited to explore further opportunities brought to the table by the peaq SDK, a versatile and developer-friendly tool for builders. peaq’s Modular DePIN Functions work synergistically with NATIX’s secure edge AI technology, unlocking truly remarkable possibilities for generating real-world value.”

— Alireza Ghods, co-founder and CEO of NATIX

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