May 14, 2024

Aydo adds peaq IDs to its smart home DePIN

What is happening?

Aydo has added peaq ID support to its DePIN of smart home sensors, successfully completing their first milestone for peaq's DePIN Grant Program.

Why is it important?

The development makes for a major step towards Aydo’s launch on peaq, which will bring a whole range of smart home devices to the network, amping up the activity and unlocking new synergies and use cases.  

What does it mean for the community?

Your smart toaster can now have its own peaq ID! And, soon, you may be able to earn from it and your other smart devices too, without Big Tech snooping on you. 

A peaq ID for your smart lightbulb

From lights and fridges to picture frames and fireplaces — our home devices are getting increasingly smarter. And with the rise of AI, their IQ is only going to go up. On the one hand, that’s amazing news. Who wouldn’t want their home to automatically adapt to their daily routine? But there is another, much darker side to the story. Namely, the fact that Big Tech gets to know your daily routine and squeeze every little bit of profit out of it. Behavioral research, selling off your data, anything’s on the cards.

But imagine a world where you had full ownership of all the devices in your smart home. A world where you could control how and with whom your data was shared, if shared at all. A world where the profits from this data went to you.

That’s the world Aydo is building toward. And today, they have made the first major step toward bringing it to life on peaq by integrating peaq ID as part of their architecture. In other words, each device connected to Aydo will now have its own peaq ID and will be able to store its data on peaq. As part of this integration, Aydo have added a module for linking with peaq to both the client-side and server-side applications and tested all of that on their node. But that’s not all — the Aydo team is working on the first version of the user interface involving the peaq integration, which will let the community create peaq IDs for their devices.

As if that wasn’t enough, the team is already well on their way toward their second milestone, which includes some Raspberry Pi fun, a web app, a reward mechanism concept, and a few other goodies. 

DePIN Grant Program milestone 1 has been unlocked.

“We are so excited to work with peaq to enrich its vast DePIN-focused toolkit with the AYDO module that unlocks streaming data from existing third-party IoT sensors and smart home devices for DePINs. peaq's DIDs greatly complement our mission of giving people the power over their own data.”

— Oleksandr Markin, CEO of AYDO

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