The Web3 network for the Economy of Things

Unleashing the full potential of your machines, vehicles and devices.

What is the peaq network?

The peaq network is a machine centric network for a machine centric economy. It enables machines to independently sustain and improve themselves by providing goods and services to people and machines via decentralized applications (dApps). The peaq network is shifting the Internet of Things from Web2 to the Web3-based Economy of Things.

What do we do differently?

peaq the first Web3 network to leverage Machine NFTs to give people ownership, profit and governance rights over machines. peaq's economic model enables everyone - from investors, to machine owners, to manufacturers, to the machines themselves - to directly benefit from machines providing the best possible services to people and other machines - aligning everyone's incentives.

peaq blockchain platform

A Community Powered
Machine Centric Economy

We enable people to own a share in the machine economy and benefit from it directly. This has the effect of aligning all stakeholders behind the common goal of enabling machines to provide the best possible services to people and machines. peaq leverages Machine NFTs, DeFi, Self-Sovereign Identity, Web3 Bridges and Smart Contracts to create an infinite loop of value creation and provision. Here's how:

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peaq solution platform

peaq enterprise

peaq enterprise enables enterprises and developers to build solutions and dApps on the peaq network.

peaq enterprise


Check out peaq’s docs page for more in-depth insights into what we’ve built and what we're building.


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