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The home of DePIN Decentralized Physical Infra Networks being built on peaq

Over 280,000 people worldwide are using the Silencio app to monitor noise pollution from their phones.
“Silencio is transforming the way we think about – and act on – noise pollution. The project is growing fast, and peaq’s scalability and cost-efficiency are crucial in enabling that.”
Theo Messerer
Co-founder of Silencio
MapMetrics maps 600,000+ kilometers daily and flags locations for 90,000+ speed cameras across 167 countries.
“MapMetrics is a drive-to-earn DePIN leveraging Web3 to build a community-powered alternative to Web2 navigation apps. peaq’s vast network of partners and solid fundamentals make it the perfect layer-1 chain for that.”
Brent van der Heiden
Co-Founder of MapMetrics
Teneo has already tokenized Austria's largest fleet (100+) of car-sharing Teslas.
"Teneo's machine tokenization platform turns revenue-generating machines into liquid on-chain tokens, and peaq’s focus on Machine RWAs [real-world assets] and multi-chain strategy made it our blockchain of choice."
Leroy Hofer
Co-founder of Teneo Protocol
160,000+ farmers in Asia and South America are already leveraging Farmsent to gain more control over their produce and its distribution.
“The food trade system is broken, and Web3 is the cure that it so badly needs. Farmsent and DePIN give farmers all they need to break free from centralized corporations, and peaq, with its Modular DePIN Functions and tokenomics, is perfect for Farmsent.”
Yog Shursti
Co-founder of Farmsent
Drivers running NATIX's street-mapping app have mapped over 45 million kilometres, and nearing 120K registered drivers across 171 countries.
“NATIX has built a community of drivers mapping the world with their phone cameras. The app feeds real-world demand for the data it collects, and peaq’s DePIN stack is a valuable asset for us to build and deliver faster."
Alireza Ghods
Co-founder of NATIX

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Tokenized Machine
Real World Assets (RWA)


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Super Decentralized

peaq has a Nakamoto Coefficient of 90+. The highest among major Layer-0 and Layer-1 blockchains.

Super Scalable

peaq will scale past 100,000 transactions per second by leveraging Elastic Scaling and Agile Core Time.

Environmentally Friendly

The peaq network is engineered using the most environmentally friendly blockchain architecture in Web3.

Modular DePIN Functions

peaq provides ready-to-use modular functions to power and tokenize vehicles, robots, and devices on any DePIN.


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