DePIN Grant Program

peaq's Grant Program offers early-stage funding and support to DePIN builders.
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What kind of apps
get funded?

DePINs, dApps, Machine DeFi apps, Layer-2s, and projects that support dApp builders, dApp users, and Layer-2 applications on the peaq network.
DePIN/Machine DeFi dApps
Layer2s & Tools that support DePINs

Who's behind the program?

Launched by the peaq Foundation, the peaq Grant program was created to support DePIN builders. It grants you financial resources to research and develop within the peaqosystem. It is backed by top Web3 investors who may also choose to support you on your journey. In the not-too-distant future, the community will be able to vote on who the grants are given to.

Application process



Submit your application and go through the due diligence check. Meet the Grant Committee. Stay tuned for the decision.


Grant Award

Complete your onboarding and plan out milestones. Sign the written agreement. Meet the team and partners.


Post Grant

Announce and promote your project after delivering the first milestone. Enjoy ongoing support from the EoT Labs team and partners.