April 30, 2024

Chirp Network joins the peaqosystem

What’s happening?

Chirp Network is joining the peaqosystem to act as the connectivity layer for decentralized physical infrastructure networks on peaq.

Why is it important?

Chirp enables devices to communicate with each other and peaq via any supported protocol on a global community-owned network for Internet of Things connectivity, enabling DePINs on peaq to further decentralize their stack.

What does this mean for the community? 

Chirp’s integration with peaq will bring the DePINs building in the peaqosystem a universal connectivity tool that will enable them to build and scale up more efficiently.

Chirp unlocks universal Web3 connectivity for DePINs

A DePIN includes hundreds or thousands of physical devices located all around the world. These devices — Web hotspots, smart sensors, electric vehicle chargers, etc. — are rendering real-world services 24/7. Collecting noise data, keeping those electric vehicles charged up, keeping those pizza delivery robots busy, you knew the drill. Needless to say, to do any of those things, a device has to be online in the first place.

Chirp Network is building a global multi-protocol connectivity DePIN for seamlessly connecting any smart devices with global networks. The network taps the Blackbird, Chirp’s long-range multi-protocol gateway, as its trusty workhorse. Already present in 33 countries, Blackbirds can connect anywhere in the world, making up a borderless connectivity backbone for global networks with limitless scalability.

The integration opens up this backbone to devices on peaq, enabling DePIN builders to tap the Chirp Network as the connectivity layer for their physical infrastructure networks. As part of the integration, Chirp will create an endpoint layer for devices on peaq — a service that will enable them to communicate with the peaq blockchain — and set up an API to give builders more flexibility. It will also launch a data handling service for DePIN devices using SIM cards, such as smartphones and tablets. 

Chirp will also build a peaq integration adapter, which will work as a handy tool for builders looking to customize their integration with peaq and leverage peaq as the data storage layer for its own DePIN. Finally, it will build a special piece of hardware that will make it easier for the peaq community to connect their devices to peaq.

XMAQUINA, the project behind the world’s first fully autonomous tokenized robot cafe, will be the first DePIN in the peaq ecosystem to tap Chirp Network as its connectivity layer. Chirp will also be providing connectivity for ELOOP, a machine tokenization network, as well as Silencio — a DePIN rewarding people with crypto for collecting local noise pollution data.

“Reaching true decentralization is no trivial matter. Our integration with peaq will bring the DePINs building in its ecosystem one major step closer to it, ultimately resulting in a world that runs on backbones run by the people, not Big Tech. This integration boosts peaq’s position as the leading layer-1 for DePIN projects.”

— Tim Kravchunovsky, founder of Chirp Network
“Decentralized connectivity and networking is an important function for any DePIN. peaq’s integration with Chirp unlocks this crucial feature for all DePINs in the ecosystem, enabling devices all over the world to communicate via a people-owned network. Chirp’s agnostic approach to wireless protocols will assist DePIN builders in bringing the largest-ever number of IoT devices on-chain.”

— Till Wendler, co-founder of peaq

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