April 18, 2024

XMAQUINA unveils the world’s first tokenized robo-cafe on peaq

What is happening?

Oh, just the world’s first tokenized automated robo-cafe going live on peaq to serve people coffee and ice cream at TOKEN2049… Probably nothing.

Why is it important?

XMAQUINA joins the peaqosystem and becomes the first project to tap ELOOP’s tokenization platform on peaq and rolls out a demo proving its ability to make automation work for the many, not just the few.

What does it mean for the community?

The demo is a precursor of the full-on launch that will enable the peaq community to start earning rewards from every cup of coffee sold by the robo-cafe when it goes up in a strategic location in Europe.

Coffee from the machine

The robots are coming! No, not like in Terminator, there’s no army of sentient war machines hell-bent on wiping us humans out (not yet, at least). For now, the tin cans will simply take our jobs. Some 375 million would suffice perhaps; that’s how many jobs McKinsey expected to be lost to automation by 2030. With the rise of AI, it added in a later study, 12 million people will have to change jobs in the US alone. Who will profit from that? Not Johny Average, that’s for sure…. Unless someone shows up to give him a stake in this game.

Meet XMAQUINA, an innovative DePIN joining the peaqosystem to give everyone, not just the 1%, a cut in the automation. XMAQUINA tokenizes the revenues from value-generating automated robots, unlocking a new and unique asset class for the entire Web3 community. Its first live demo, a tokenized automated robo-cafe, went live today at peaq’s booth at TOKEN2049. Yup — the robots are coming to serve humans coffee and ice cream, and make them a bit richer along the way. 

The demo is done in collaboration with ELOOP Network and taps its tokenization platform on peaq. With its help, XMAQUINA set up the first-ever Machine Pool on peaq representing a share in the revenues from the robo-cafe — quite literally, from every cup it sells. By providing liquidity into the Pool, people get the tokens which entitles them to the rewards. In the demo all revenues from every cup sold are split in $KREST among the demo pool token holders. In the pilot launch in Europe, the rewards will be paid in stablecoins, and further down the road, XMAQUINA’s native token will work as the rewards payment method.   

The robot at TOKEN2049 is the first step in the journey to making automation work for everyone. The next one is launching XMAQUINA’s pilot tokenized robo-cafe in Europe, at a strategic location with a lot of coffee-starved humans. The principle will stay the same: The global Web3 community will be able to earn from every cup bought, with rewards distributed via trustless automatic mechanisms.

In the longer run, XMAQUINA will expand to other automated value-generating robots. The end goal is to defuse one of the biggest crises of the 21st century — the centralized, Web2 automation. Driving humans out of jobs with no regard for their ability to put food on the table is a recipe for trouble, but giving everyone a seat at the table is a whole other story. And, of course, this story is taking place on peaq.

As part of the integration with peaq, XMAQUINA will leverage peaq IDs for identity management across its network and tap peaq’s other Modular DePIN Functions as part of its architecture. It will use peaq as the layer-1 network for the smart contracts powering its business logic and will set up its Machine Pools on peaq. It will natively launch its token, used for yield and reward payouts and as a universal payment method within the network, on peaq and build a user-facing interface leveraging peaq to store data on machine transactions.

“People don’t need to fear robots coming for their jobs when they can earn from these robots. While there’s no stopping automation, the most equitable way of moving forward with it is to let everyone have a stake in it — and that’s exactly what XMAQUINA is doing. As the layer-1 for DePINs, peaq is the best place to build such a project, and we’re thrilled to be joining its ecosystem.”

— Mauricio Zolliker, co-founder and CEO of XMAQUINA
“Tokenization grants businesses to take off and scale at a pace never imaginable before. It creates a more organic relationship between a business and its community, blurring the line between them, and offers a solution to the CAPEX pains. We’re excited to see XMAQUINA become the first company to tap the ELOOP tokenization platform for a pilot showcasing its feasibility and potential of tokenization.”
— Leroy Hofer, CEO and co-founder of ELOOP Network
“Today’s automation continues a time-honored tradition of innovation and progress, but also casts a shadow on the livelihoods of millions and millions around the world. peaq was built to defuse this crisis, arguably one of the century’s most critical ones, by letting everyone be a stakeholder in the increasingly connected economy — and XMAQUINA’s vision is fully aligned with this mission.”

— Till Wendler, co-founder of peaq

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