June 13, 2024

Particle Network joins the peaqosystem

What is happening?

Particle Network is bringing its Wallet Abstraction solution to peaq. 

Why is it important?

This will empower DePINs on peaq to easily onboard Web2 users through existing email and social accounts and integrate non-custodial wallets straight into their dApp’s interfaces. 

What does it mean for the community?

It will help the community grow and expand beyond Web3-natives, bringing peaq and its DePIN ecosystem to millions of potential users across the globe. 

The art of abstraction

Even though Web3 is steadily growing in popularity, there are still major obstacles preventing its mainstream adoption. If, for example, you’ve ever been curious about just how quickly a human being can lose interest in a conversation, try to explain managing multiple wallets, token types, and addresses across several blockchains to the everyday Web2 user. 

To be fair to our Web2 frens, though, the lack of an easily-accessible and user-friendly way to interact with Web3 dApps, regardless of the chain they’re built on, is a real problem. Imagine if you not only had to create a new email address for every online platform you used, but also had to understand how to set up SMTP for each of those emails to create and confirm your new user account. That’s more or less how a noobie feels on their first Web3 foray.

Particle Network is solving the user fragmentation issue through chain abstraction. With Particle Network’s Universal Accounts and Universal Gas, you can easily interact with any of the most popular blockchains and dApps through a single account. Just imagine how much this will simplify onboarding new Web3 users. 

Now, Particle Network is bringing the power of abstraction to peaq by integrating its Wallet Asbtraction functionality onto the network. Particle’s Wallet Abstraction is a modular wallet solution designed to help Web3 builders to seamlessly onboard Web2 users to their dApps. It not only allows users to access a dApp through existing email or social accounts, but also lets developers embed non-custodial wallets right into their dApp’s interface. 

This integration will open the doors for all of peaq’s DePINs to ensure a unified and familiar UX for their user base. Web3 ownership and versatility with the familiar, cozy interface of Web2 apps is a major boost for DePINs’ mass appeal as they take on markets and industries dominated by centralized rivals. In fact, Teneo, Silencio, and XMAQUINA are already working on integrating Particle Network’s Smart WaaS into their dApps. 

“With our Smart Wallet, joining a DePIN on peaq becomes as trivial as logging into a regular Web2 app. However, this is only the beginning. As we further deploy chain abstraction infrastructure, any user from any chain will be able to access DePIN dApps, allowing for truly borderless adoption. We are happy to work together to bring chain abstraction to peaq.”

— Pengyu Wang, CEO of Particle Network.
“The Particle integration brings the accessibility of DePINs building on peaq to a whole new level. It adds another crucial edge to peaq’s vast offering of Modular DePIN Functions, integrations, and enterprise collaborations, further solidifying peaq’s role as the home of DePIN. By making DePIN onboarding as easy as logging into a Web2 app, peaq and Particle are setting the stage for a tsunami of DePIN adoption.”

— Till Wendler, co-founder of peaq

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