May 8, 2024

Synternet joins the peaqosystem

What is happening?

Synternet is integrating peaq as a data publisher on its platform, enabling builders to create event-driven dApps leveraging live data from the home of DePIN.

Why is it important?

The integration makes it easier for DePINs building on peaq to tap into peaq’s data feed, speeding up their development cycle and opening up new design possibilities.

What does it mean for the community?

Data is a crucial component of the Economy of Things on peaq, and the integration bolsters it, ultimately resulting in more opportunities for builders and, by extension, more cool dApps and DePINs for the community to join.

A data stream from the home of DePIN

Live data is a crucial piece of the Economy of Things, enabling its many connected components to work in unison. A navigation dApp has to know about a traffic jam to re-route drivers to less cramped paths, a smart power grid has to be aware of the live demand. All that and many similar use cases require a steady feed of live data to adapt to the situation on the go and deliver the best possible outcomes to all stakeholders. 

Synternet, a leading blockchain data infrastructure provider, is joining the peaqosystem to provide it with just that. It is adding peaq as a Publisher on its Data Layer — a distributed network of nodes that provide data streams to Subscribers. This makes peaq’s on-chain data, including transactions and dataflows from DePINs, available as a stream of live data on Synternet’s decentralized network. 

peaq’s stream is highly customizable — builders can set the filters to only get the data they need. They can use this data to run analytics and data visualizations, build versatile event-powered dApps, and train AI models. peaq’s testnet agung has already been integrated as a Publisher, with data streams from peaq’s sister chain krest and peaq mainnet coming up soon.

“peaq’s vision of bringing Web3 into the real world has unbound potential, and unlocking this potential in full takes advanced data streaming tools. We are excited to bring builders in the peaq ecosystem a versatile and highly customizable data streaming network for DePIN analytics and event-driven dApps. We are certain that it will open the door to a wide variety of innovative projects and use cases in the Economy of Things on peaq.”

— Jonas Simanavicius, CTO at Synternet.
“Synternet’s capabilities add a versatile and powerful tool for data streaming for anyone in the ecosystem to leverage. We are certain the integration will bring a lot of value to DePINs building on peaq and are excited to see the novel applications that it will power.”

— Till Wendler, co-founder of peaq.    

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