May 21, 2024 joins the peaqosystem

What is happening? has chosen peaq as the home of its DePIN of electric vehicle charging stations.

Why is it important?

The lack of readily available charging infrastructure is holding electric vehicle adoption back, and is closing that gap by empowering anyone to be a stakeholder in the push for more sustainable mobility.

What does it mean for the community?

Got an electric vehicle charger? With, you will be able to outfit it with a peaq ID and rent it out to electric vehicle owners. 

Spare some charge?

There’s no denying electric vehicles are rising in popularity. But even though we’re seeing more and more of them on the roads, we’re still far from all-around adoption. One of the main hurdles is the lack of infrastructure, primarily charging stations. While most electric car owners charge their vehicles at home, the lack of public charging stations is keeping many drivers away from the EV market.

But what if all those existing EV owners could open their residential charging stations to the public? What if they could create a decentralized physical infrastructure network of chargers, solving one of the industry’s main issues while earning rewards? 

With, they can. By connecting to the DePIN, wallbox (charging point) owners will be able to rent out their stations and customize the availability of their chargers. They will also be able to set their price rates and review the charger’s use logs. And, of course, all of this runs on peaq, the home of DePIN.   

To build this DePIN, will leverage peaq’s Modular DePIN Functions, using peaq IDs as its identity standard and the peaq blockchain as its payment and data storage layer. The team is already working on a mobile app that will allow users to register their chargers and electric vehicles with peaq IDs.

At a later stage, plans to expand their network by integrating public chargers. They will also be leveraging krest, peaq’s canary network, for testing the DePIN and its new features and functionalities.

“The fragmentation of the charging infrastructure landscape and existing players in the market playing the zero sum game are the biggest hurdles for the adoption of the global EV-revolution and a greener mobility paradigm,”

— Dominic Klopsch, co-founder of 
“ is addressing this challenge while also empowering anyone to be part of the push for a more sustainable future. peaq is the perfect layer-1 for this, as no other blockchain delivers such powerful fundamentals as well as a vast set of DePIN-specific functions. We look forward to building and launching on peaq and see unlimited potential synergies within its wide ecosystem of DePINs and top enterprises,”

— Fabian Poehler, co-founder at
“One thing is certain: decentralized charging will lead to greater acceptance of electric cars. Decentralized charging is probably one of the most straightforward machine economy use cases. It will greatly reduce fragmentation of charging infrastructure and solve a fundamental issue for electric vehicle adoption — charger availability. We’re excited to see take on this important mission, choosing peaq as its layer-1, and are certain that the benefits to the peaqosystem and end-users are immense.”

— Leonard Dorlöchter, co-founder of peaq

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