April 2, 2024

dTelecom joins the peaqocosystem

What is happening? 

dTelecom, a DePIN for live real-time chats, video conferences, and live streaming, joins the peaqosystem, migrating from the Arbitrum ecosystem

Why is it important?

dTelecom brings a use case with a market potential in the trillions to peaq, building a people-powered real-time communications network. 

What does it mean for the community?

More devices coming to peaq, and more network activity too — and that ultimately means more value for all of the peaqosystem stakeholders. 

Live streaming goes Web3 — on peaq

Have you seen the Three Body Problem by any chance? Everyone around can’t get enough of it, it seems. Or, if sci-fi’s not your thing, how about Poor Things? Or the latest Twitch drama, or the wild crypto Twitter/X spaces? Here’s an idea — wanna talk about any of that on the next peaq community call?

No, this is not shameless self-promotion of the peaq community calls on Discord (although you should totally join in and follow our socials to stay tuned). The red thread here is getting video or audio data from point A to point B, one or many, to inform, entertain, and do countless other things. Point A could be the Netflix servers, the hotel room you join the family Zoom call from, or the HQ of peaq Community Manager, James, where he is secretly recording his upcoming first single. Point B is the client-side application with the happy viewer or listener. 

Sounds pretty commonplace, right? Not too shocking that streamed video alone is expected to grow into a $2.5 trillion industry by 2032. And the great news is that this industry doesn’t have to be centralized. So with that, meet dTelecom — an innovative DePIN for audio and video conferencing and live streaming, which is putting the power back in the hands of the community.

dTelecom’s DePIN leverages community-operated nodes that enable decentralized distribution of live audio and video flows, working as a live-streaming and real-time communication layer for dApps and apps. The network powers a decentralized open-source Zoom-style video conferencing web app with rewards points for participation. Some of the other use cases it enables include a Web3 streaming platform and a voice chat for a play-to-earn game

dTelecom is joining the peaqosystem, tapping peaq as its layer-1 backbone as it prepares to migrate from the Arbitrum testnet. It will leverage the peaq SDK and peaq IDs as part of its infrastructure and deploy its core business logic on peaq, setting up a reward distribution mechanism on the network. Finally, it will run its Token Generation Event on peaq, launching natively in the peaqosystem.

“We are changing the game for a whole variety of services and platforms that leverage audio and video streams with the DePIN model. dTelecom can power anything from a Web3 Discord to a decentralized Netflix, and with peaq as its secure and scalable backbone, we are certain we can disrupt this billions-worth centralized market.”

— Petr Malyukov, co-founder of dTelecom
“Live streaming is an exciting DePIN use case with a billions-worth potential market reach. We are sure that dTelecom will create a lot of value as part of the peaq ecosystem and are looking forward to seeing it transform live-streaming as we know it.”

— Till Wendler, co-founder of peaq

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