June 25, 2024

Combinder joins the peaqosystem

In a nutshell: Combinder is joining peaq to build a DePIN for energy data and grid load management. The goal — to create the world’s biggest distributed virtual energy network. With Combinder, you will be able to turn your smart household appliances into Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) and earn rewards for providing invaluable data on energy usage and balancing the grid.

Power to the people

Isn’t it great that your smart air conditioner can autonomously adjust its energy consumption depending on its power needs? Not only does this help you save electricity and money, but by lowering its energy consumption during peak demand hours, your A/C is also helping balance the workload of the whole energy grid. Perhaps even more importantly, it's actively helping make the grid smarter and more efficient by providing much needed energy flexibility and critical data. 

Great job, smart A/C.

Unfortunately though, all the valuable data transmitted by our smart devices is owned and controlled by the corporations manufacturing them. This means that Big Business is essentially profiting from all of your household appliances. Even worse, if we go by track record, chances are that data isn’t necessarily being used for the greater good either. 

Combinder, having recognized the massive potential of decentralized energy, is building a community-powered DePIN for energy data and demand management. And it’s chosen peaq as the home of that DePIN.

Owners of smart household appliances will be able to connect their devices to Combinder’s DePIN and turn them into Distributed Energy Resources (DERs). In short, DERs are local, small-scale energy resources that provide value to the grid. By transforming your appliances into DERs, you will be able to:

  • Monetize data: There are tons of companies willing to purchase the data from your DERs, and right now their only source is Big Business. By directly connecting buyers and sellers of data, Combinder ensures better conditions for everyone.   
  • Provide flexibility: You can help bolster the energy grid and build a healthier environment by selling energy flexibility. Simply choose the comfort parameters that work for you and let your smart devices automatically adjust their energy consumption to fit both your needs and the grid’s. 
  • Sell carbon credits: By saving energy (and therefore avoiding the emission of greenhouse gasses), you become eligible to join the carbon credit market. With Combinder, you can make sure you are fairly compensated for your efforts to bring about a better world. 
  • Trade energy: Own an energy-generating device? Connect directly to consumers and sell your energy on a peer-2-peer basis, without a middleman taking any cuts of your profits. 

To break it down into the simplest terms possible, Combinder empowers you to collect rewards for providing energy data and flexibility, all while contributing to a greener world. A win-win situation, if there ever was one.

“Combinder is completely redefining the energy landscape by empowering individuals to take control of their energy data and turn smart appliances into valuable assets for users and the grid alike. We’re excited to see how the synergy with peaq will drive further innovation, transform how energy is managed and traded, and lead to a more resilient and sustainable energy ecosystem for all.”

— Till Wendler, co-founder of peaq
“Every month, households around the globe are investing billions of dollars into appliances that can act as ideal energy resources. This DER (Distributed Energy Resources) tsunami provides the physical foundations for an energy revolution where every household becomes an active participant of the zero carbon energy grid and a potent source of value creation. What’s missing is the digital infrastructure to bring these assets to the market. Combinder is here to change that - from DER owners for DER owners.”

— Kai Siefert, Founder of Combinder

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