May 7, 2024

Aizel joins the peaqosystem

What is happening?

Aizel, the Web3 network making AI more transparent and verifiable, has selected peaq as its layer-1 blockchain.

Why is it important?

The booming AI industry needs computational power and lacks openness; Aizel solves both issues, giving the user more insight into what’s happening under the hood and setting this market on a more sustainable path.

What does it mean for the community?

With Aizel joining in, the peaq community will be able to join the AI revolution even more directly, helping to bring it onto a Web3 foundations and pushing for more visibility and accountability in the segment.

A look into the black box 

AI is truly everywhere these days, empowering the everyday human to write cover letters (poorly, at least for now), get better diagnoses, and even talk with the dead. It’s all very promising, of course, but every new technology often means new vulnerabilities. Researchers are already looking into ways one could tamper with AI to make it give wrong outputs. Imagine how wrong things could go there, from a medical AI glossing over a cancer to a bank’s trading bot crashing the economy in one fell swoop.

Aizel Network would have none of that. Aizel is building a DePIN for running secure, private, and verifiable machine learning models, harder to tamper with and more transparent. On Aizel, every inference — an instance where a trained model processes an input — runs in a decentralized way. Aizel taps multi-party computation and trusted execution environments (secure CPU and memory areas) to protect the outputs from tampering. 

Besides that, every inference on Aizel also comes complete with a cryptographically-secured set of metadata. The metadata includes the specific model used to produce the output so you can know what exact model handled your query and that it hadn’t been tampered with. The metadata can also contain other information, such as how much electricity the process had taken, or anything else. The goal, in the long run, is to make AI more verifiable and thus foster its deeper adoption in industries where it might have otherwise been too risky.

Tapping the home of DePIN as its layer-1 backbone, Aizel will leverage the peaq SDK to make its network compatible with peaq. As part of the integration, it will deploy the smart contracts powering its core logic, including uploading AI models and user inputs, on peaq. Finally, it will set up a cross-chain module, further connecting its network with peaq, and issue a certain percentage of its token natively on the home of DePIN.

“Most of today’s AIs run as closed-off black boxes offering the users little to no insight into what model they are actually interacting with, and how this model produces its insights. This naturally limits their applications in business and beyond. Aizel unlocks verifiable AI for everyone — and peaq’s powerful fundamentals, Modular DePIN Functions, and a vibrant DePIN ecosystem make it the perfect home for that.”

— Jeremy, co-founder of Aizel Network.
“To call AI a promising industry would be an understatement of how world-changing it is. But to live up to its full potential and unlock new use cases, it needs transparency and verifiability. Aizel taps the Web3 stack to make that happen, and we’re excited to see it tap peaq as its layer-1 backbone for this important mission.”

— Till Wendler, co-founder of peaq.

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