November 7, 2023

How to become a peaq Ambassador

We recommend reading the ‘Join the peaq Ambassador Program’ blog before this one, if you haven’t already.

Welcome to the peaq Ambassador Program. The peaq Ambassador program is the best way to get deeply integrated into the peaq community and earn rewards for helping peaq achieve its mission. peaq Ambassadors are proactive community leaders who champion the mission of building an Economy of Things for the 100%, not just the 1%, acting as the face and voice of peaq.

The peaq Ambassador Program has a multi-tier structure. In this first version, the program is split into two tiers with two levels: Ambassadors and Ambassador Candidates. Ambassadors have their own set of requirements, responsibilities, rewards, and selection processes. In the future, the program will likely expand to introduce a third tier. It is not mandatory to become an Ambassador Candidate in order to become an Ambassador, but it is a big help. More details on this in the Ambassador Selection process section. 

What’s the role of a peaq Ambassador?

Ambassadors play a critical role in expanding the peaqosystem through a range of contributions. In this first iteration of the program, contributions will focus on community building and peaqosystem expansion. In the future, the Ambassador Program will expand to enable contributions across:

  • Development & QA 
  • Machine Deployments
  • Product Feedback & QA
  • Team Referrals (HR)
  • Horizontal Community Expansion

General Responsibilities

All peaq Ambassadors share these core responsibilities:

  • Be a spokesperson for peaq
  • Nurture your understanding of peaq as it develops
  • Create and/or suggest ideas, feedback, or opportunities for the team/community
  • Interact, engage, and educate the growing peaq community

Role-Specific Responsibilities

Depending on whether you apply to be an Ecosystem or Community Ambassador, you’ll also have additional specific responsibilities, as follows:

Ecosystem Ambassadors: Develop and establish new partnerships, identify opportunities and synergies, and secure successful peaq Grant Program applications.

Community Ambassadors: Engage, nurture, and grow both the global and language-specific peaq communities through channels such as Discord, Telegram, Twitter, and IRL events.

How am I rewarded for becoming an Ambassador? 

Of course, you will be rewarded for your efforts. Handsomely, one should add. 


Limited edition peaq-themed PFP NFTs created by a special artist. The NFTs grant holders access to peaqosystem events with projects building on the peaq network. More information to follow.

Ambassador Forums & Events

Access to an Ambassador-only chat group with EoT Labs team members, and early access to peaq-related events, both online and offline.


We’ll be handing out peaq-branded goodies, and we’ll also run merch collabs with brands that Ambassador NFT holders can get their hands on.  


Successful introductions to DePINs will bag you up to $2500 in stablecoins. There will be opportunities to earn $PEAQ and $KREST tokens too.

A successful introduction to a dApp, Integration, Enterprise, or any other entity will be decided on on a case-by-case basis. You’re encouraged to reach out via Discord or Telegram before making introductions to get an idea for how much demand there is for the introduction you’d like to make.

You can make treasury requests to support your community-building efforts. Sums will be given out on a case-by-case basis, depending on variables like location, size of the community/event, etc. You’re encouraged to reach out to a Discord or Telegram mod on peaq’s official channels to get an idea of how much demand there is for the community activity you’re planning, before you begin.

More details on how you can earn tokens for providing value to peaq in the next section.

On top of the above, you will also be rewarded with:

  • Access to Ambassador Discord/TG channels
  • Discord Role
  • You can add "peaq Ambassador" to social media profiles.
  • A care package containing peaq-branded digital assets like social media backgrounds, stickers, and more.

What do I need to do to get in?

Below you will find a list of tasks and initiatives you should complete in order to be accepted into the program and rewarded. The current focus is on Ecosystem Expansion and Community Building. 

To be accepted into the program, you should specify which of the contributions listed below you have accomplished in the application form.  

Ambassador Candidates

Applicants who are Ambassador Candidates will take first preference over applicants who are not.

More on how to become an Ambassador Candidate here.

Ecosystem Expansion

Successful DePIN Introduction or Grant Program Application – Tier 1

Successful introductions to DePINs (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks) will bag you up to $2500 in stablecoins. 

Here’s the link to the peaq Grant Program. Know anyone who should apply? Great! Refer them, and when they fill out the application form they should say that you referred them. The Grant Application form has a field which asks the filler to mention who has referred them. Be sure to remind them to add your details.

Introductions should be made to Be sure to apply to the program with the same handle or email address you used to make the introductions. An introduction is considered successful when announced from peaq’s official Twitter account. For more information, reach out on Discord. 

Successful Introductions to dApps, Enterprises and Others – Tier 2

Are you in close contact with Web3 organizations, exchanges, or IoT companies that are well-suited for the peaqosystem? Make the intro to

Remuneration for successful introductions to dApps, Integrations, Enterprises, Exchanges, or any other entity will be decided on on a case-by-case basis. You’re encouraged to reach out to us via Discord or Telegram before making introductions to receive a points score for your potential efforts. 

Community Building 

You can make treasury requests to support your community-building efforts. Sums will be given out on a case-by-case basis, depending on variables like location, size of the community/event, etc.

Create New International peaq Community Channels – Tier 1

Set up a community channel on Twitter, Telegram, and/or peaq’s Discord for non-English speaqers or for communities in different countries, regions, or associated with different niches (ex. IoT).

These are the languages we’d like to expand the peaq community to first:

  • French
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Mandarin
  • Turkish
  • Vietnamese
  • Italian
  • Arabic
  • Hindi
  • German
  • Dutch

The channels must run on Discord and/or Telegram and/or Twitter and should share peaq updates accurately in the relevant language to drive discussion. The channel(s) should either translate content or localize peaq’s content and encourage education and discussion.

Example: There’s a ‘Connect new machines’ Dework initiative, so help the community in your region find the best deals for devices and help with onboarding them. If you have other ideas for channels, please let us know. 

Grow the channel(s) in terms of size and engagement, and sustain the momentum. Ensure that it is moderated in line with peaq’s moderation guidelines. Ensure that your community is engaging with peaq’s main accounts and contributing to peaq’s community initiatives. 

You can submit proof of having created and nurtured the community as a contribution in your application, and once accepted, you can request funding to further grow the community. The creators of the channels that are the largest and most engaged will be made into Ambassadors when the application cycle closes (don’t forget to apply). Unsure if the peaq community you want to start is high on peaq’s prio list? Reach out on Discord or Telegram.

How are Ambassadors selected?

How are Ambassadors chosen? Why is one person chosen over another? In order to make things as transparent and meritocratic as possible, while ensuring that community efforts are in line with peaq’s current goals and ambitions, we’ve assigned tiers (Tier 1, Tier 2) to potential contributions – you should have seen ‘Tier X’ next to the contributions listed in the section before this one. The more high tier contributions you make, the higher your chances of getting in. Ambassador Candidates will take first preference over applicants who have not completed the Ambassador Candidate program. 

Here is a further breakdown of how many Ambassadors and what kind of Ambassadors will be accepted per cycle.

  1. Maximum 25 new Ambassadors per cycle.
  2. No more than 15/25 to be Community Ambassadors 
  3. No more than 15/25 to be peaqosystem Ambassadors
  4. No more than 5/25 to Machine Deployment Ambassadors

The people who build the largest, most engaged communities following the peaq moderation guidelines will be accepted into the program first. The people who make the most introductions to DePINs will be accepted into the program first.

Wildcard Ambassador

We don’t know it all—but you might. We’re leaving the door open for wildcard applications, people who really move the needle forward for peaq, but don’t fit into the boxes above. Applications will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

How do I apply?

Here’s some good-to-know info:

  • Quarterly application cycles for Ambassadors. Ambassadors are announced after the cycle closes, and Ambassadors are selected based on their contributions over the prior period(s). 
  • Maximum 25 new Ambassadors per cycle.
  • No limit on total number of Ambassadors, but idle Ambassadors will lose their status. Reviewed bi-annually. 

Results of the first cycle will be announced by February 2024. If the Ambassador Application cycle is open, this link will take you to the application. Check peaq’s Twitter or Discord to find out if the cycle is open for applicants.


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