The peaq token

The PEAQ token is the native utility token of the peaq network and ecosystem - it is the lifeblood of the Economy of Things.

Token Utility

Transaction Fees

Every transaction made on the peaq networks incurs a fee. This fee is paid using PEAQ tokens.

On-chain Governance

PEAQ tokens empower holders to vote on crucial network governance decisions.


Delegators play a key role by backing up collators they trust, ensuring the creation of censorship-resistant blocks.

Machine Reputation System

Building a decentralized reputation and trust system by staking on machines will be a critical utility.

Token Utility

peaq Verify

PEAQ is used for liquidity mining, liquidity provision, and rewarding the community.

peaq AI Agents

PEAQ is used to mint Machine NFTs, allowing you to own a piece of the Machine Economy.

Machine Subsidies

New machines and Machine IDs will be voted on and subsidized by the community using PEAQ.

peaq Index

PEAQ is used to pay transaction fees, deploy smart contracts, and use Web3 bridges.

Own the Economy of Things.

The PEAQ token confers certain rights to token holders in the peaq ecosystem. These include; the ability to act as a validator, collator, or nominator, the ability to participate in network governance, the ability to vote on which machines are subsidized, and the ability to participate in the decision-making process in relation to global upgrades and/or changes to the peaq network.