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Build decentralized applications for machines on the peaq network.

Tech Stack

Saving time and money, increasing security and creating entirely new business models.

peaq’s tech stack provides you with everything you need to build and scale decentralized applications (dApps) for the Economy of Things. Give vehicles, machines, and devices decentralized identity, access and payment capabilities and enable them to interact and trade with people and other machines, without having to go through corporate intermediaries. dApps built using the peaq tech stack are designed to run on the peaq network and bridge to other Web3 networks within the Polkadot ecosystem and beyond.


Assign machines their own Self-Sovereign Identities (SSIs). SSIs are the foundation for things to exist in the Economy of Things. They are decentralized identities which machines own, granting them full control over how they are used while enabling them to interact with their environment, and be interacted with.

The identity function enables machines to:
1. Identify themselves with anyone or any thing
2. Store and prove information about themselves
3. Enable access management and payment

peaq blockchain platform
peaq blockchain platform pay per use cash on ledger


A machine’s identity allows it to securely authenticate itself when interacting and transacting with other machines, people, organizations and environments. This is the basis for physical and digital access authorization to be granted or rejected and for the exchange of goods and services to take place.

The access function allows machine owners to:
1. Manage access to goods and services
2. Manage access rights in the real world
3. Manage access rights in the digital world


Any transaction involving the buying or selling of any good or service by machines requires payment. peaq enables machines to securely and autonomously pay and be paid using traditional currencies and cryptocurrencies. 

The payment function allows machines to:
1. Pay for goods and services 
2. Be paid for providing goods and services

peaq blockchain platform

How to use the
peaq solution platform

Saving time and money, increasing security and creating entirely new business models.

Rich APIs

To begin building your solution straight away while enjoying intricate control over all aspects of your applications integrated with peaq’s documented and versioned APIs. peaq uses semantic versioning to govern the release of new APIs and widely accepted swagger APIs interface to document them.

peaq blockchain platform
peaq blockchain platform

Admin Panel

The Admin Panel facilitates management of identity and access functions, enabling you to easily manage users, machines and their identities. The Admin Panel is a web app that can run on any device with a web browser.

Mobile App

The Mobile Access App allows users a seamless and familiar experience when accessing their assets such as vehicles, machines, devices, buildings and digital environments. The App is built using progressive web app technology, enabling it to offer native app experiences on Android and iOS devices.

peaq blockchain platform
peaq blockchain platform


The peaq solution platform includes a flexible sandbox with a full production feature set, for easy application development, debugging and testing. This ensures maximum flexibility to experiment and test without risking business operations. Coming soon.

Coming soon


Decentralized Apps, or dApps, are by their design ideal for value exchange. Using peaq smart contracts developing dApps on the peaq network is a simple and straightforward process. Leverage peaq to build apps which are ready for the decentralized internet, the Web3. Coming soon.

Coming soon
peaq blockchain platform
peaq blockchain platform


peaq offers high level Software Development Kits (SDKs) for most popular programming languages. peaq’s java, RUST, go, c# and javascript libraries are currently available to use through their standard package management systems. Coming soon.

Coming soon

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peaq’s technology is already being used by some of the world’s largest companies. Wherever you are on your decentralization journey, we'll guide you to where you need to be.