What can you build on peaq?|

You can build two types of dApps and DePIN on the peaq network

Decentralized Applications

dApps that directly involve machines, vehicles, robots and devices, like

electric vehicle charging.|

and dApps that facilitate them, like

crow founding dApps.|

Empowering you
to make a real world impact

peaq is a Layer-1 blockchain purposely designed to power DePINs (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks) and Layer-2s for the Economy of Things (EoT).

Highly Secure and Decentralized

The peaq layer-1 blockchain is secured by the Polkadot layer-0.

Reliable, Low-Cost Transactions

Transactions on the peaq network cost as little as < $0.001.

Most Environmentally Friendly Blockchain

peaq is powered by the greenest blockchain in Web3.

Out-of-the-Box DePIN Functions

peaq ID, access, pay, store, and reward, are all ready to deploy.

Economic Model built for DePINs in the EoT

Economically incentivising connected devices, dApps and DePINs.

Multi-Chain w/ Polkadot, Ethereum & Cosmos

Polkadot native. Ethereum bridged. Data-sharing w/ Cosmos.

Supporting EVM & ink! Smart Contracts

Write smart contracts in Solidity or Rust. EVM compatible.

Massively Scalable

High throughput and fast block time ensure scalability is no issue.

Ready-to-Deploy Autonomous AI Agents

Leverage Fetch.ai’s autonomous AI agents with ease.

Why build on peaq?


peaq is the world’s first and only Layer1 blockchain network focused on powering the Web3 Economy of Things.


peaq is specifically designed to be the best possible home for IoT dApps, DePINs and layer2s which facilitate the Economy of Things.


peaq’s open-source core functions are readily available for builders to use. These include peaq ID, peaq access and peaq pay.


peaq’s tokenomics are designed to incentivise a self-expanding ecosystem by incentivizing the deployment of new machines to the network.


peaq network’s token reward mechanisms empower vehicles, robots and devices to become self-sustaining service providers and autonomous economic agents.


The peaq network is designed to distribute abundance to all Economy of Things stakeholders as AI-powered vehicles, robots and devices automate human jobs.


peaq is the home of the world’s fastest growing Economy of Things ecosystem which includes some of the world’s largest machine manufacturers.


peaq is setting the standard for Self-Sovereign Machine identity as part of the EU-backed Gaia-x moveID consortium.


peaq’s canary network, krest, the world’s first and only Economy of Things simulation network - allows builders to deploy and test on a live blockchain without risking real-world harm.


peaq is built on Polkadot and is EVM compatible, built with the multi-chain view of Web3 at heart.

How to build on peaq

No matter your skill set, there’s a way to leverage it to build the future on the peaq network and make a tangible impact on the real world. 

Get funded

Anyone, anywhere can start building in the peaq ecosystem at any time, but if you need a kick start, the peaq foundation is here to help.

Start now

If you’re ready to begin, head over to the Docs section and check out the testnet, or start building on krest - peaq’s canary network. 

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