The Layer-1 blockchain for DePIN

The peaq network is specifically designed to be the best possible home for real-world apps (DePINs).

You can build two types
of Web3 applications on peaq

Decentralized Physical
Infrastructure Networks (DePINs)

dApps that incentivize people to direct or deploy machines or hardware to provide services to other people and machines.

DePIN/Machine DeFi dApps
dApps ones that facilitate DePINs, like machine-crowd-funding, or a machine data marketplace.

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Super fast, super low cost, super green,
super decentralized. Just all round super.


peaq is highly secure and decentralized, with a Nakamoto coefficient above 90.

10,000+ Transactions
Per Second (TPS)

peaq allows for super high throughput and will scale past 500,000 TPS by 2025.

Per Transaction

Fast, reliable transactions at as little as $0.00025, for seamless operations and exchanges.


peaq leverages the greenest blockchain tech to power a sustainable machine economy.

Fully EVM Compatible +
Rust Smart Contracts

Use Solidity to create EVM smart contracts or Rust for Pallets and ink! smart contracts.

1st & 2nd Largest Web3
Developer Ecosystems

peaq leverages the 1st and 2nd largest developer ecosystems in Web3; Ethereum and Polkadot.

Modular DePIN Functions
Build record breakers in record time.

peaq access

Efficient access management with role-based control, ensuring secure and authorized operations.

peaq pay

Enable seamless, secure and autonomous transactions between people and machines on your DePIN.

peaq verify

A three-tier DePIN data verification framework for vehicles, machines, robots, and devices in Web3.

peaq Verify

PEAQ is used for liquidity mining, liquidity provision, and rewarding the community.

peaq AI Agents

PEAQ is used to mint Machine NFTs, allowing you to own a piece of the Machine Economy.

Machine Subsidies

New machines and Machine IDs will be voted on and subsidized by the community using PEAQ.

peaq Index

PEAQ is used to pay transaction fees, deploy smart contracts, and use Web3 bridges.

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Multichain. Open. Interoperable.
peaq was built with the open, decentralized Web3 ethos at heart. When you build on peaq, you build for all of Web3.


DePINs/dApps on peaq are natively interoperable with the Polkadot ecosystem via Cross-Chain Messaging (XCM).
peaq is EVM-compatible, enabling you to leverage all the opportunities the Ethereum ecosystem offers.

Create multi-chain IDs and exchange data with machines in the Cosmos ecosystem, leveraging agents.
Binance BNB

DePINs on peaq can leverage services on the Binance BNB Chain, while devices on Binance can seamlessly interact with peaq DePINs.

DePINs on peaq can leverage services on the Solana blockchain, while devices on Solana can seamlessly interact with peaq DePINs.

Enjoy compatibility with all Ethereum wallets (such as MetaMask) and Substrate wallets.

peaq will be expanding its multi-chain reach.

From idea to real-world impact.

Have a tangible impact by shifting the world’s vehicles, robots, and devices from corporate-controlled Web2, to community-governed Web3.
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