November 7, 2023

Welcome to the peaq Ambassador Program

The peaq Ambassador Program was kicked off before the peaq network and token go live. Why? Because ‘decentralization’ isn't a one-and-done deal; it's a journey, and peaq’s most passionate supporters are integral to the decentralization process. 

Consider this program a call-to-action for visionary leaders and believers in peaq's mission to power the Economy of Things and democratize abundance in the age of AI and automation. Ambassadors are an extension of the initiating team, and as peaq transitions to fully decentralized over the years ahead, individuals who start as ambassadors will be the ones grabbing the baton. Are you ready to be one of those torchbearers? 

This is your ticket to get in on the ground floor, earn rewards, push the network and peaqosystem forward, and actively shape how the community will govern peaq in the best interests of the network — and by extension, the world.

What is the peaq Ambassador Program?

The peaq Ambassador program is the best way to get deeply integrated into the peaq community and earn rewards for helping peaq achieve its mission. peaq Ambassadors are proactive community leaders who champion the mission of building an Economy of Things that works for the 100%, not just the 1%, acting as the face and voice of peaq.

This program aims to give more power to the peaqonauts. Unlock your potential while refining your skills, learning, and helping to build a stronger community and peaqosystem. 

How does the program work? 

The peaq Ambassador Program has a multi-tier structure. In this first version, the program is split into two tiers: Contributors and Ambassadors. Ambassadors and Contributors have their own set of requirements, responsibilities, rewards, and selection processes. In the future, the program will expand to a third tier; Senior Ambassadors.

The peaq Ambassador Program tiers: Contributor, Ambassador, Senior Ambassador (not open yet).

Focus Areas

We encourage members of the program to contribute actively based on their unique skills and interests, fostering a diverse and collaborative environment. Here are key focus areas where you can make a meaningful impact:

The four focus areas: Ecosystem, Communications, Tech, Community.


Roles and Responsibilities


As a Contributor, you'll be the first point of contact for those new to peaq. Whether it's social media engagement or entry-level advocacy, your actions will lay the groundwork for future peaq evangelists. Contributors have some previous experience in community building, advocacy, social media, event management, design, content, business development, etc. Your time and contributions are very valuable to everyone involved in the program. As a contributor you can choose, when, where and how you contribute. 


  • Be a spokesperson for peaq
  • Nurture your understanding of peaq as it grows – i.e. stay up to date
  • Create and/or suggest ideas, feedback, or opportunities
  • Call out potential scams or malicious activity
  • Guide and help educate the growing peaq community


  • Access to Contributors & Ambassadors Discord
  • You can add ‘peaq Contributor’ to Social Media profiles
  • Contributor Discord role
  • A care package containing peaq-branded digital assets like social media backgrounds, stickers, and more.


Ambassadors play a critical role in expanding and nurturing the peaqosystem. In this first iteration of the program, the focus is on community building and peaqosystem expansion. In the future, the Ambassador Program will expand to enable contributions across:

  • Development & QA 
  • Machine Deployments
  • Product Feedback & QA
  • Team Referrals (HR)
  • Horizontal Community Expansion
  • & more.

Contributors who consistently showcase their commitment may move up to the Ambassador level. For projects that demand collaboration from multiple contributors, you'll have the chance to assume empowering roles within the focus areas and the broader ecosystem.

General Responsibilities

  • Be a spokesperson for peaq
  • Nurture your understanding of peaq as it grows – i.e. stay up to date
  • Create and/or suggest ideas, feedback, or opportunities
  • Call out potential scams or malicious activity
  • Guide and help educate the growing peaq community
  • Represent peaq wherever you go – in the digital and physical worlds
  • Foster collaboration within the community, Web3, and beyond
  • Empower and educate the community through mentorship and education
  • Attend events online and IRL
  • Provide strategic support, insights and perspectives

Role-Specific Responsibilities

Ambassador Roles: Ecosystem, Community, Communications, Tech (coming soon).

Depending on whether you apply to be an Ecosystem, Community, Comms or Tech (coming soon) Ambassador, you’ll also have additional specific responsibilities, as follows:

Ecosystem Ambassadors

Ecosystem Growth

Bringing new projects to the peaqosystem (DePINs & dApps). Identify and recommend projects for integration with peaq via the peaq Grant Program. 

Strategic Partnerships

Conduct research to identify potential Web3 integrations, enterprise and startup partners, actively assisting in establishing strategic collaborations.

Community Ambassadors

Internationalization & Localization

Expand peaq's international presence by setting up community channels for non-English speakers or communities in different countries or regions. Translate content and engage with local communities. Help people in other countries adopt peaq DePINs or even build DePINs. The channels must run on Discord and/or Telegram and/or Twitter and should share peaq updates accurately in the relevant language to drive discussion. The channel(s) should either translate content or localize peaq’s content and encourage education and discussion. Grow the channel(s) in terms of size and engagement, and sustain the momentum. Ensure that it is moderated in line with peaq’s moderation guidelines and that your community is contributing to peaq’s community initiatives.

Social Media & Community Growth

Drive engagement on various channels. Engage, nurture, and grow both the global and language-specific peaq communities through channels such as Discord, Telegram, Twitter, and IRL events.

Educational Resource Creation

Create educational material for the community.

Comms Ambassadors

Promotional Campaigns & Marketing

Focus on highlighting peaq’s unique selling points (USPs) and benefits, and design and execute campaigns to make peaq go viral.

Events & Meetups

Organize peaq events, attend DePIN events, and represent peaq at horizontal events tailored to specific industries (Healthcare, Automotive, Retail, etc.).

Education Resource Creation

Develop and contribute educational material for the community.


  • Ambassador channels in Discord and Telegram with the peaq team
  • Ambassador Discord Role
  • Add ‘peaq [ROLE] Ambassador’ to social media profiles
  • Care package containing peaq-branded digital assets like social media backgrounds, stickers, and more.
  • Ambassador NFT: Limited edition peaq PFP NFTs. More information to follow.
  • Early access to peaq-related events, online and offline
  • We’ll be handing out peaq-branded goodies, and we’ll also run merch collabs with brands that Ambassador NFT holders can get their hands on.
  • Token rewards
  • Finance requests to support your initiatives (case-by-case).

The program has a task board system detailing specific tasks members of the program can work on. The system and tasks will be updated on a regular basis to ensure we are up to date with peaq’s mission. 

How to join the peaq Ambassador Program

The reasons to apply for the peaqAmbassador Program.

How are Ambassadors chosen? Why is one person chosen over another? In order to make things as transparent and meritocratic as possible, while ensuring that community efforts are in line with peaq’s current goals and ambitions we’ll be working with an XP (points) system where you can see how much XP a given task will get you. The more XP, the higher the chance of being selected or promoted. 

Start as a Contributor

Begin your journey by applying to become a Contributor. The application form is always open. Contributors will be notified if accepted via email. Upon acceptance, contributors will have an onboarding call to understand their responsibilities, benefits, and the peaq Ambassador community. Contributors will be chosen monthly based on their applications, with limited spots available.

Quarterly Application Cycles for Ambassadors

After becoming a Contributor, set your sights on the Ambassador role. Quarterly application cycles are the gateway to this. Ambassadors are selected based on merit, considering contributions already made. Ambassadors play a pivotal role by nominating and voting on Contributors they believe should advance.

Merit-Based Contributor Promotion

Progress from Contributor to Ambassador is solely based on merit. Your contributions, dedication, and impact on the peaq ecosystem determine your advancement.

Good to know: Bi-Annual Review for Idle Ambassadors

There's a limit on the total number of Ambassadors, those who remain idle risk losing their status. Idle Ambassadors undergo a bi-annual review to ensure an active and engaged community.

Check peaq’s Twitter or Discord to find out if the cycle is open for applicants.

Questions? Dive into peaq’s Discord.

Apply here to join the Ambassador program. 


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