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Find out which networks, DePINs, dApps, organizations and consortia you can work with and leverage when building on the peaq network. Get inspired, apply for funding, join the ecosystem, and start building.

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Build on krest - the world’s first Economy of Things simulation network

The krest network is peaq’s canary network - your home for socio-economic, technical, community, and governance innovation and experimentation within the peaq ecosystem.

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Some dApps, DePINs and layer-2s being built on the peaq and krest networks right now.


Global network to measure noise pollution.

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Web3 Car-Sharing

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Internet of Cameras

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Crowdsourced Connectivity

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Got a burning idea for a dApp but don’t know where to start? You can get funded via the peaq Ecosystem Grant Program. Or check out the docs section if you’d like start building immediately.


Machine manufacturers can cut out middlemen and intermediaries and unlock a number of new revenue streams, such as being able to sell machines directly to communities on the peaq network.

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Where the Internet of Things meets Web3 is called the Economy of Things, and this is the world’s first and fastest growing EoT ecosystem. Join the ecosystem today and leverage it to pioneer your field.



Join the world’s first Web3 ecosystem dedicated to the Economy of Things and DePIN. Leverage the opportunity to grow, learn, innovate, integrate and have a global impact.


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Check out which decentralized and traditional organizations make up the Economy of Things ecosystem. Join the ecosystem to leverage its ecosystem partners to supercharge your organization.

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This is the beginning of the Third Industrial Revolution. There are countless opportunities to build applications that people need and want. Head over to the Use Cases page to explore opportunities just waiting to be taken.

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