Ambassador Program

peaq’s global community brings together people from all walks of life behind a common goal; a Machine Economy that works for everyone.

Today’s Ambassadors, Tomorrow’s Leaders

Join our ambassador program, consider this program a call-to-action for visionary leaders and believers in peaq's mission to power the Economy of Things and democratize abundance in the age of AI and job automation. Ambassadors will pick up the baton as peaq decentralizes.

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Why apply?


Be part of peaq's journey.
Shape its trajectory.


Rewards in stables, $PEAQ,
and $KREST await you.


Opportunities to learn
and grow are abundant.


Take the reins as peaq


Shape the program
and the network.


Collab with a global team
of like-minded people

A role for everyone
Contribute based on your unique skills and interests.

Ecosystem Ambassador

... bring in DePINs, dApps, and enterprises, enriching the peaqosystem with collaborative synergy.
Communications Ambassadors
... disseminate peaq ecosystem updates across languages, ensuring no one misses out on peaq's evolution.
Community Ambassadors
... grow, nurture, and moderate the peaq community, ensuring it flourishes through engagement and support.
Technical Ambassador
... not only demystify blockchain intricacies but actively contribute to building the blockchain.


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