June 6, 2023

peaq projected to create $1.8+ bln worth of impact by 2027

What’s happening?

A projected impact report on peaq by Tidal Impact peaq’s estimated impact value by 2027 at $1.8+ bln and covers various other metrics on the network’s growth and value created for the community. We often speak about impact in abstract terms - here's a more concrete analysis.

Why does it matter

While based on conservative assumptions — meaning the true figures may be higher — the report puts together a framework for peaq to measure itself by and against, providing an outline of what the project’s future could be like.

What does it mean for the community? 

The report gives the community an idea of the impact that peaq could make and the benefits it will bring to the community itself. What ties this community together is a sense of contributing to a purpose, to a movement - to having a positive impact on the world.

These days, you often hear that the world is at the precipice of fundamental change. The metaverse hangover hasn’t even worn out yet, and here we are: ChatGPT comes knocking on the window with the promise of the one AI boom to rule them all. Will it change the world? Probably. How much, though, is the sky (or Skynet) falling, or is there still hope? That’s more up to debate.

Mind you, at EoT Labs, we are in the business of bringing about fundamental change. We are working to bring about the Web3 Economy of Things, which will put automation at the service of the 100%, not the 1%, thus making this AI boom a lot more equitable. But we’d like to know just how much more equitable it will be, and what other quantifiable impact peaq may be able to make. To get some sense of where things are, we teamed up with Tidal Impact — and their estimates confirm our deep-rooted knowledge that we’re onto something. The Economy of Things will make an impact, and not just a tidal one. 

We’re in for a true tsunami.

Let’s talk figures

peaq is trailblazing a path for developers and entrepreneurs to build decentralized applications (dApps) and Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks (DePINs) that are each set to make a significant positive impact in the coming years. By empowering people to govern and benefit from networks of vehicles, robots, and devices, peaq is paving the way for a future where technology is a force for good for everyone. This puts it in line with some of the global goals the United Nations has set out for the world as a whole in a bid to make it cleaner, greener, and more sustainable - The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

peaq’s mission as the Web3 backbone for the Economy of Things is projected to generate a total impact value of some $1.81 billion by 2027. This impact is in line with several Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) including:

  • Affordable and Clean Energy (Goal 7)
  • Decent Work and Economic Growth (Goal 8)
  • Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure (Goal 9)
  • Reduced Inequalities (Goal 10)
  • Sustainable Cities and Communities (Goal 11)
  • Responsible Consumption and Production (Goal 12)
  • Climate Action (Goal 13)

As these goals suggest, peaq is bringing about a future where technology doesn't just make our lives easier, but also makes our societies fairer, and our planet — healthier.

Let's look at some key performance indicators that reflect peaq’s potential impact:

  • $1.81BN: The projected total impact value by 2027.
  • $40: The value generated per dollar invested.
  • 193.2M: The anticipated number of device owners by 2027.
  • $50: The potential increase in wealth distribution per owner by 2027 (193.2M total owners).
  • $12M: The potential increase in passive income for peaq retail investors by 2027.
  • 12BN: The estimated total number of economic transactions by 2027.

The future is bright

To gain a deeper understanding of peaq's potential impact, we invite you to read the full report. It delves into the specifics of how peaq’s technology is set to revolutionize our economy and society. With every device owner, dollar invested, and economic transaction, we're one step closer to a more sustainable and equitable future.

That said, to fully grasp peaq's potential, we must look beyond the figures. At its core, peaq is here to change the way automation is affecting the many while serving the few. From a Web3 Uber that removes the middleman taking a cut from the drivers, to an app that brings advanced AI to your phone, peaq empowers the individual to get a stake in the all-around 24/7 technical evolution of the world around us. While the Big Tech model commodifies the everyman, peaq gives them the tools to put them back in the driver’s seat.   

We're excited about what lies ahead, and we invite you to join us on this journey. peaq on, peaqonauts!

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