March 19, 2024

NATIX brings thousands of AI-powered sensors to the Economy of Things on peaq

What is happening?

NATIX, a privacy-first organization focused on AI and IoT real-world use cases, is joining peaq to build decentralized physical infrastructure networks (DePINs) which leverage AI-powered sensors. As part of the integration, it will tap peaq’s Self-Sovereign Machine Identities for its drive-to-earn Drive& DePIN.

Why is this important?

The integration brings thousands of connected devices to peaq, amping up its network activity and creating more value for all stakeholders while also offering additional rewards to Drive& users.

What does this mean for the community?

Besides adding more devices to peaq to create real-world value and services, the integration adds a smartphone-focused DePIN to the ecosystem, expanding its prospective reach to billions of users and devices.

There are almost 7 billion smartphone users globally today, making the smartphone one of the most ubiquitous connected devices out there. For many, they are nothing short of a window into the world, for better or worse: We use them to socialize, navigate the streets, order food, and do countless other things. Needless to say, all of that makes for troves of data that all of the regular Big Tech suspects are happily gulping up. Granted, this data contains many insights, such as how crowded any given location is, or how busy the streets are, but does extracting these insights have to come at the cost of everyone’s privacy?

Absolutely not, says NATIX, a privacy-first company focused on AI and IoT real-world use cases. NATIX uses edge AI, or AI running on end devices as opposed to the cloud, to transform cameras, whether the omni-present CCTV ones or those on smartphones, into AI-powered data processing hubs. These smart devices collect anonymized insights and send them off, enabling their owners to monetize the value they generate. 

Now, NATIX is coming to peaq. As part of the integration, it brings Drive&, its leading drive-to-earn app and AI-powered decentralized sensor network, to the peaq ecosystem. NATIX will leverage peaq’s suite of tools for decentralized physical infrastructure networks (DePINs) such as assigning a self-sovereign peaq ID for every sensor in its DePIN.

As the first stage of the integration, NATIX will build a proof-of-concept (PoC) project on peaq, testing the use of self-sovereign peaq IDs as part of its recently-launched Drive& app, already installed by more than 6,600 users since its release in early April 2023, mapping more than 470,000 km worth of roads and detecting more than 7.2 million events. The PoC will also leverage peaq access, peaq’s role-based access management function. 

The second stage will take the integration live, connecting the Drive& DePIN with peaq and enabling Drive& users to earn extra rewards through the peaq network’s machine rewards mechanism which distributes a part of network revenues to connected devices. It may first be tested on krest, peaq’s sister network which is going live on Kusama this quarter, before it goes live on the peaq mainnet.

“The Web3 tech stack plus AI turn the non-stop proliferation of sensors into a blessing in disguise. They enable both private and business users to do more with the infrastructure that’s already there while ensuring everyone’s privacy through edge computing. The DePIN model is perfect for scaling such networks, and peaq’s set of tools and machine rewards work as a power multiplier for it by boosting functionality and rewards — and the incentive for users to join.”

- Alireza Ghods, co-founder and CEO of NATIX

“DePINs can scale faster than traditional infrastructure providers, and using this model for consumer devices like smartphones amplifies this scalability even more. We’re excited to see NATIX spearhead this model for the first sensor DePIN on peaq, and its masterful use of AI for ensuring user privacy is a great example of putting this amazing technology to work for a good cause.”

- Leonard Dorlöchter, co-founder of peaq


NATIX, the company behind NATIX Network, has developed a patent-pending AI technology that turns any camera into a smart device collecting real-time actionable data without breaching anyone’s privacy. NATIX Network unlocks this edge AI technology for some 45 billion cameras, from CCTV to those installed on phones and tablets, to create the largest crowd-sourced camera network in history. As the cameras running this AI software process the feed, collecting metadata and putting together a Dynamic Map of their surroundings, their owners earn crypto for providing this real-time data to real-time applications. Think Waze, but Web3.

NATIX has launched Drive&, a dashcam app that rewards users for exploring new places and mapping the world. Users earn points by running NATIX AI technology on their phone cameras to map the world and create a decentralized mapping economy. They can convert these points to cool products, services, and, soon, NATIX’s native crypto token NTXT.

For more information, visit NATIX Network, join their Discord, or follow them on Twitter.

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