March 19, 2024

DappLooker unveils data analytics dashboard for krest

What’s happening?

DappLooker launches a comprehensive dashboard with an overview of key metrics for krest, including activity overview and token distribution, and a separate one focusing on all things collators, from their rewards to the delegator pools.

Why is it important?

The tools give the community a bird-eye view of the network, making it easier to keep the finger on the pulse for all things krest.

What does it mean for the community?

Transparency is always a positive, and DappLooker dashboards enable the community to keep track of all key network metrics, while also making peaq more attractive to builders of decentralized applications and decentralized physical infrastructure networks.

Things have been moving non-stop lately. krest, peaq’s sister chain and the world’s first Economy of Things simulation network, is live and producing blocks. Its native token, $KREST, is trading on the MEXC exchange. peaq’s economics system is live on krest too, including the updated collator and delegator pools enabling up to 400 people to take part in making krest more decentralized. The show has hit the road, giving the projects building on peaq a production-grade network to test their dApps on. 

In other words, there’s no better time to roll out a tool that would give the community a full-on overview of the network. DappLooker, a multi-chain analytics and visualization platform for Web3 projects, is doing just that. It has linked its analytics tool with krest, resulting in a handy dashboard that is available here. Go check it out now — or read on for more details.

A bird-eye view of krest

DappLooker was the first project to join the Ecosystem Grant Program by Peaq Foundation. It joined in to grant the peaq community handy data-driven insights into the network through a user-friendly interface. To this end, it would integrate its data analytics and visualization platform with krest and peaq networks, once those are live.

krest’s launch on Kusama, Polkadot’s canary network, has paved the way to the first part of this integration. A dedicated dashboard is now available for the peaq community on DappLooker with a full overview of krest and the various activities on the network. At the current stage, you can find the following information there:

  • How many machine IDs are there on the network? 
  • How many transactions took place this week, and how many are there in total?
  • How many tokens have been issued, and how many wallets are holding them? 
  • How many blocks are there in total, and how many are being generated daily?
  • How many unique miners are there on krest?
  • Who created the latest blocks?

On top of that, DappLooker has prepared a separate dashboard zooming in specifically on everything around collators and delegators on krest. There, you can explore the latest stats and updates and learn: 

  • How many collators are there on krest?
  • What collators are in the active pool, and how many $KREST tokens have they staked?
  • How many tokens did collators earn today, and what’s the current reward total?
  • Which collators are getting most of the rewards, and how many delegators are backing them?

The future updates and releases will bring more information on the dashboard, including an overview of Machine DeFi pools, Machine NFTs, dApps, and decentralized physical infrastructure networks (DePIN) on krest. Once the peaq mainnet goes live — which is currently expected to take place in Q4 this year or Q1 2024 — the integration will expand there as well.

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