August 2, 2023

$KREST is listed on MEXC

What’s happening?

$KREST, the native token of peaq’s sister network krest, is now listed on the MEXC exchange — its first public exchange listing. 

Why is it important?

$KREST’s first listing is another major milestone as it enables the community to enter the network for testing dApps built by projects in the peaqosystem and paves the way to an upcoming $PEAQ airdrop for $KREST hodlers.

What does this mean for the community?

Just like peaq, krest is meant to be a community-owned project, and with the listing, the community can start taking the reins right here and right now — dive in.

Few questions are so dear to a Web3 denizen’s heart as “wen token?”. “Wen moon?” is also a big one, but these two are interlinked. No moon without a token, right?  

No token without a blockchain, one might add. Well, krest, peaq’s sister network and the world’s first network for simulating the Economy of Things, went live a few weeks ago. This made the aforementioned question evermore urgent. Understandably so, of course, it is an important one, after all.

No more waiting, though. $KREST, krest’s native token, has been listed on the MEXC Global exchange. 

Wen token? Now. 

A new level of access

Technically, this isn’t the community’s first chance to get the $KREST tokens: There was the sale on Fundrs and krest’s crowdloan on Kusama. And besides, those who contributed to peaq’s successful crowdloan on Polkadot will also get $KREST.

Still, this is the token’s first listing on a public exchange, live since August 2, 17:00 CET. It is trading against $USDT, one of the world’s most popular stablecoins, on MEXC, a major exchange platform offering spot, futures, and ETF trading services. 

As exciting as that is in itself, there’s even more good news. There’s a massive $PEAQ airdrop further down the line for everyone holding a certain amount of $KREST tokens — more on this later. 

Just like peaq, krest is meant to be a community-run, owned, and governed network. The listing opens up a whole new level of access for the community and sets the stage for it taking the reins. Follow this link to register and get in now!

The Economy of Things simulation network

This major milestone brings krest closer to its mission of working as the world’s one and only network for simulating Economy of Things. On krest, builders working on decentralized applications (dApps) and decentralized physical infrastructure networks (DePINs) on peaq will test their projects without risk of causing real-world harm. 

In the long run, this means the dApps and DePINs launching on peaq mainnet will be of better quality thanks to the live-fire drills on krest. This, in turn, promises an extra boost to peaq’s offering for developers and the community while also bolstering its adoption. 

krest will also be the testing ground for upgrades to the main peaq network in the future, a luxury very few layer-1 blockchains have – and an opportunity for the peaq community to peek into the future. 

Builders in the peaq ecosystem include:

  • Brainstem, which is bringing healthtech on Web3 rails,
  • ELOOP, which is running a Web3 Tesla-sharing service,
  • NATIX, which is running community-sourced street mapping platform, 
  • bloXmove, which has recently launched its Web3 ride-hailing dApp in Nigeria,
  • Wicrypt, a decentralized Web access network with hotspots in 30+ countries, 
  • Dozens of other dApps and DePINs in the pipeline to join in the coming months.

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