March 19, 2024

Brainstem adds peaq IDs to its health data app

What’s happening?

Brainstem integrates peaq IDs to its app, currently in development, and enables devices on the network to sign data with it. 

Why is it important? 

The milestone brings Brainstem closer to launching its health data platform on peaq and taps peaq IDs for data verification on its network.

What does it mean for the community?

A wellbeing data app on peaq will bring thousands of health tracker wearables onto the network, amping up the on-chain activity and driving more value for everyone.

A Web3 ID for your fitness tracker 

The health and fitness tracker market is growing steadily, propped by fitness enthusiasts, athletes, the 10,000-steps-per-day crowd, and regular people caring about their wellbeing. No wonder — these helpful little devices can help with a variety of things, from keeping tabs on your fitness journey to sorting out your sleep issues. The downside is that in the Web2 world, this gives all the usual Big Tech suspects another tool for keeping tabs on you.

Brainstem Digital Health is offering an alternative to the traditional approach to wellbeing data. It is building a dApp that will let you connect your health tracker and track your health data for a variety of purposes, including better sleep advice, health and wellbeing monitoring, and more. With the app, you will also have the option to monetize your health data by sharing it with researchers and administrative bodies.

Brainstem joined peaq to decentralize health data collection through a decentralized physical infrastructure network (DePIN) of health wearables. As the first milestone of its Ecosystem Grant Program, the project added peaq-compatible wallets to its app, which is currently in development.       

As the next step toward its eventual launch on peaq, Brainstem has now comprehensively implemented peaq IDs on its app. It has added a feature that enables people to outfit their fitness trackers with their own multi-chain peaq ID in just a few quick taps, linking the devices with the peaq blockchain. It has also changed the way the application handles data, with all devices using their peaq IDs to sign the transactions for logging the data. The app’s interface has been updated to accommodate the feature and provide a device overview function.

Ecosystem Grant Program milestone 2 has been unlocked.

“peaq IDs provide a functional and versatile tool for DePIN builders, working as a foundation for any interactions between devices and the blockchain. Their implementation will enable the Brainstem community to monetize their health data on peaq, earning rewards simply for wearing their devices. We are looking forward to tapping more of peaq’s toolset for DePINs as we move ahead with the integration.”

— Mike Campbell, CTO at Brainstem.

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