August 17, 2023

Brainstem adds peaq-compatible wallets to its health app

What's happening?

Brainstem, a scalable decentralized platform for collecting health data from wearable devices, has integrated peaq-compatible wallets with its app, which is currently in development.

Why is it important?

The first milestone of the peaq Grant Program is complete. The integration completes the first step toward Brainstem’s deployment on peaq — and will make similar integrations easier for other builders as the code is open-sourced.

What does it mean for the community?

As one of the decentralized physical infrastructure networks (DePINs) on peaq, Brainstem will bring more devices, users, and value to the peaqosystem.

How much would you pay for a device that collects your heart rate, blood oxygen level, and other vitals, and sells them to third-party brokers without giving you a single penny? If that sounds fun, don’t worry — a basic fitness tracker would cost around $40 or $50.

For Brainstem Digital Health, a scalable decentralized platform for collecting health data from wearable devices, the idea doesn’t sound at all fun. Brainstem is working to put the health data industry on a Web3 foundation and put ownership over peoples' most intimate data back where it belongs —  in the peoples' hands. It will reward users with tokens for sharing anonymized data from their wearables and enable them to opt out of that if they don’t want their data accessible to anyone but them.

Just a few weeks ago, Brainstem joined the peaqosystem, choosing peaq as the layer-1 backbone for their decentralized physical infrastructure network (DePIN) for health trackers. Now, it has made the first steps toward deployment, reaching the first milestone of the peaq Grant Program.

The first step toward a health data DePIN on peaq

As the initial integration, the Brainstem team has added Substrate-compatible wallet support to its app. In other words, people will be able to log into its app using the wallets that support peaq, such as polkadot.js, Talisman, or Subwallet. All of these already work with krest, peaq’s sister blockchain, and its native token $KREST, currently trading on MEXC.

Brainstem is open-sourcing this integration in a bid to make things easier for other DePIN builders in the peaqosystem. The code is available on Brainstem’s Github repository at this link.

“The wallet integration unlocks some of the platform’s basic functions and is crucial for further development, which is steaming ahead at full speed. We are proud of the work we’ve done and are happy to share it with other DePIN builders in the peaq ecosystem.“

— Max Campbell, co-founder of Brainstem Digital Health.

Brainstem app is currently in development as the team continues to build out the first version of its platform as well as its custom wearable device. The subsequent steps towards the launch on the peaq mainnet will include outfitting the devices in the DePIN with self-sovereign peaq IDs and building a decentralized rewards mechanism for data-sharing.

“It’s exciting to see Brainstem make headway toward launching its health data DePIN on peaq. The wallet integration they built will be of major help to other builders in the ecosystem, speeding up their work on their respective projects.”

— Till Wendler, co-founder of peaq.

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