July 11, 2024

VLaunch joins the peaqosystem

In a nutshell: VLaunch, an influencer-backed launchpad focused on the DePIN and RWA sectors, is joining the peaqosystem as the first launchpad on peaq. DePINs building on peaq will have access to a dedicated launchpad to help kickstart their decentralization efforts and raise additional liquidity. At the same time, you will have the opportunity to support your favorite projects while getting in on their tokens early. 

All systems ready for VLaunch

There’s no denying DePIN is one of the hottest Web3 segments right now. In fact, according to Messari, it has a market reach of around $3.5 billion — and one could argue that’s a conservative assessment. Claiming this reach, though, is often a matter of defeating Web2 incumbents, and that is no easy task. To face off with the legacy platforms and build a more decentralized world, DePINs often look to community backing.

As peaq gears up for its mainnet launch, it’s vital to make sure that DePINs building on it have access to all the critical tools they need to grow and thrive. VLaunch is set to provide one of those. 

VLaunch is joining the peaqosystem as the first launchpad on peaq. Given peaq’s position as the home of DePIN, VLaunch’s launchpad is set to become a supporting tool for this entire Web3 sector. 

The launchpad will enable DePINs building on peaq to grant the community early access to their respective tokens. This serves two important functions. Firstly, it kickstarts a project’s transition to decentralization, setting the stage for a higher level of community involvement. The second function is raising additional liquidity ahead of the launch. 

VLaunch would provide marketing support to DePINs launching on the launchpad through its network of more than 140 opinion leaders, amplifying projects’ reach and helping them grow their communities. VLaunch also offers incentivized social quest campaigns, for additional exposure and engagement. 

Community members willing to support their favorite projects will have to go through a simple and quick KYC process to join the platform with their Metamask wallets. They would also have to hold a required number of the launchpad's native $VPAD token to get access to the launch

“The DePIN sector aims to integrate Web3 into everyday life, striving for widespread use. peaq is becoming the main platform for DePINs, and we’re excited to introduce VLaunch as the first Web3 launchpad on this chain. Many interesting projects are being built on peaq, and VLaunch looks forward to working with them on their token launches.”

— Alexander Kunzmann, CEO of VLaunch

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