July 9, 2024

peaq’s roadmap to launch

You can feel the anticipation coursing through the peaqosystem as peaq gears up to mainnet launch and token listing. Where is peaq now? What does the road to listing look like? And of course the most pressing question of them all — wen launch?

Say gm to peaq’s pre-launch network

peaq’s pre-launch network is up and running. “Pre-launch” means there is still work to do, so it’s not the peaq mainnet in its final form. This is an important milestone on the road to the peaq mainnet launch and token listing. At the pre-launch stage, peaq will see a variety of crucial integrations and upgrades, as we build out the infrastructure the DePIN ecosystem needs to flourish. 

The goal is to ensure that when peaq moves to the mainnet stage, it’s ready to support all the DePINs gearing up to launch on it, rather than first launch and then integrate. This includes integrations with exchanges.

This pre-launch stage is the time to put all the moving parts in place, creating the best possible conditions for the network upon launch and token listing, and to set robust, durable foundations for projects building on peaq — now and in the future. 

This is the final stage before launch.

Technical roadmap to mainnet launch & listing

Between now and peaq’s full mainnet launch and token listing, a lot of what's been cooking on the technical side will be unveiled to ensure that DePINs can start moving into the home of DePIN. These announcements will be made week on week from here on out.

Here’s what you can look forward to on the road to peaq launch:

  • Wallets:
    • MetaMask as the most adopted wallet 
    • Ledger peaq app to hold peaq-native tokens secure 
    • SAFE as the most adopted multisig wallet
  • peaq portal:
    • Staking Dashboard to stake on peaq nodes (post listing)
    • DEX to trade and provide liquidity to peaq native assets (post listing)
    • Campaign UI to provide peaqonauts with an amazing campaign (Likely after the listing)
  • Galxe integration for peaq-native campaigns
  • Particle Network integration for account abstraction
  • Fireblocks integration to allow tokens to be held securely in custody
  • Tier-1 Bridge integration for cross-chain bridging
  • Stablecoins on peaq 
  • On/Off- Ramp 
  • BitBond integration for token minting and management
  • Exchange integrations for peaq and peaqosystem DePINs
  • EVM Smart Contracts & Pallets being deployed on mainnet:
    • DID 
    • RBAC
    • Vesting
    • ERC-20, ERC721, ERC1155, ERC4626 token capabilities
    • Staking
    • Storage 
    • Multisig 
    • Address Unification
  • More nodes going live to scale and decentralize the network:
    • Professional infrastructure providers 
    • Trusted enterprises 
    • Community Nodes

All of this will be rolled out on peaq’s pre-launch network over the coming weeks. Once this is up and running, the $PEAQ token will be listed, and the first DePINs can launch onto a mature layer-1 blockchain, ready to go and create a positive impact in the world. 

So, wen launch?

Disclaimer: The following is a target date. The actual date is likely to be different as it is dependent on third parties. 

The target date for the launch of peaq mainnet and listing of the $PEAQ token is Week 37/38. Again, please keep in mind that this is subject to change, depending on external factors and third parties. 

Reminder of Disclaimer: Week 37/38 is a target date. The actual date is likely to be different as it is dependent on third parties. 

We really hope you read the three disclaimers, and are excited for what lies ahead. Rest assured, as things change or are confirmed, the target date will be updated and communicated. Now, frens, let’s band together for the final push.

It’s almost time to launch


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