March 22, 2022

peaq’s Public Testnet is now live - supporting ink! & EVM Smart Contracts

You can now start building and trying things out on the peaq testnet. Here is a short overview of what can be done today.

The peaq testnet supports Substrate and Ethereum wallets on their respective chains and transfers between the wallets. Smart contracts using Solidity and ink! are also supported to build custom dApps in addition to the core Modular DePIN Functions of the peaq network which are Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs), Role-based Access Control (RBAC) and soon, payment. These core building blocks support any machine use case/dApp to be built on the peaq network.

Check out our public testnet using the ink! and EVM explorers 

As the peaq network supports ink! and EVM Smart Contracts, it also comes with two blockchain explorers:

ink! Explorer:

EVM Explorer:

Another peaq explorer for Substrate is currently being developed on the peaq network.

Explore Machine Identities with peaqID

Self-Sovereign Machine Identities (SSMIs) are digital identities that enable vehicles, machines, robots and devices to identify themselves with each other, with people and with their environment. What makes them special is that they’re decentralized identities; they enable direct, peer-to-peer identification and interaction without being dependent on centralized third-parties.

Go ahead and play around with the peaq DID Method. You can create, read, update and delete the Machine Identities. To get started please check out the following repository:

More on peaqID:

peaq DID specifications:

peaq DID pallet:

Explore Role-Based Access Control for machines with peaq access

The ability to grant or deny access to things is an integral fabric of society both in the physical and digital world. Whether you want to travel abroad, order dinner online, or even just use the internet, multiple access management systems are involved to make it possible. This is just as true for humans as it is for machines, vehicles, robots and devices. If a machine wants to provide or render a good or service, the access function is vital. peaq access is this vital function, developed to enable machines to securely provide and render services in the Web3 machine economy, without having to rely on centralized third parties.

Play around and work with the RBAC smart contract here:

More on peaq access:

Run a node

You can run an archive node connected to peaq network by downloading the latest build from the following address:

Alternatively, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can compile and run a local node (not connected to peaq network) by heading over to the following repositories for the sources and build container:


Claim your tokens

You will be able to claim your peaq testnet tokens in order to use the network via the ‘testnet-updates’ channel on our Discord in the coming days. Join our Discord here to be informed about when you can claim your tokens:

Detailed documentation on how to use the peaq testnet will follow shortly on our docs section.

We're also working on an incentive program to reward early adopters.

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