‍What’s happening?

peaq is expanding the compatibility of its Multi-Chain Machine IDs to include Solana, enabling projects originated in that ecosystem to use peaq’s Modular DePIN Functions without fragmentation. 

Why is it important?

Much like with the Binance BNB Chain, this update opens peaq’s stack for more projects building on other networks like Solana and advances peaq’s vision of a multi-chain future. 

What does this mean for the community?

Projects originating from Solana will now be able to build functions for their dApps on peaq,  which will bring in more network activity and introduce more value to the community. 

Multi-Chain IDs for a multi-chain future

We’ve said it before: Web3 is a vision of an open, decentralized internet, and we believe in the importance of interoperability between networks.‍ No single chain should rule the space, and the idea of walled-off ecosystems belongs in the Web2 dustbin. The Web3 we believe in is a decentralized network of networks where information and value flow free.

Standing by this vision, we’re working to make sure that when you’re building on peaq, you’re building for the entirety of Web3. This requires seamless interoperability with other networks, and to this end, the compatibility of peaq’s Multi-Chain Machine IDs has been steadily growing. 

You may recall that peaq made Multi-Chain Machine IDs compatible with Binance’s BNB Beacon Chain, bringing its Modular DePIN Functions to dApps and DePINs on other networks. Now, peaq is continuing to extend its Multi-Chain support by making its Multi-Chain Machine IDs compatible with Solana.

Under the hood, this update leverages an address map running as part of the peaq storage pallet. This map works like an address book, linking addresses of different standards used on various networks, which enables cross-chain communication and information sharing. 

The first DePIN to expand into the peaqosystem from Solana is MapMetrics, which will tap peaq’s Multi-Chain IDs to build core functions of its DePIN on the peaq network. 

By expanding Multi-Chain Machine ID compatibility to the Solana ecosystem, peaq takes another step toward bringing its vision of an interconnected and seamless Web3 to life. A true open-chain Web3 holds the promise of value for all, and peaq is leading the charge into this future.

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