March 19, 2024

2blox taps peaq as its layer-1 to innovate crowd-sourcing mobility data

What is happening?

2blox, which is building a decentralized physical infrastructure network (DePIN) of AI-powered cameras, joins peaq to let people earn rewards for collecting data on traffic flows — without lifting a finger.

Why is it important?

Live data on traffic density helps drivers, urban planners, logistics professionals, and many other entities. 2blox will collect it the Web3 way, tapping AI to have smart cameras do all the hard work while their owners earn crypto.

What does this mean for the community?

With another DePIN joining in, peaq continues to establish itself as the top layer-1 network for such projects — which means more network activity, and, ultimately, value for the community.

In the US, about three in five drivers use GPS at least once a week. A trusty navigator app is indeed a driver’s good friend, chartering the path from point A to point B in a few taps. Understandably, one would prefer that this path doesn’t include the most packed roads. Or, at least, it’s good to get a heads-up about a kilometer-long traffic jam.

To give you this heads-up, though, the navigation service needs to have a good idea of how busy the roads are. In other words, it needs live traffic flow data. Where does this data come from?

Well, if you happen to Google, you can simply look at the location of the millions of people using your navigation service. There’s a trove of data ready for you to harvest, and you can use it to infer the amount of traffic in various localities. You can even assert that the users get your service as a reward for shedding their privacy. 

2blox says that’s not good enough. No more snooping on people — instead, let’s empower people to collect anonymized data themselves, without having to lift a finger. And let’s make the rewards more weighty, like crypto. Put all of that on peaq as the layer-1 made for decentralized physical infrastructure networks (DePIN), and here you go, here’s your Web3 take on traffic monitoring. 

Here we go indeed.

More than a camera  

2blox is building a DePIN of AI-powered cameras for counting vehicles on the roads. Their stationary MOBI1 sensor can be set up at home to monitor real-time traffic outside. Their next product, the AI-powered MobiGo mobile app, allows users to “capture” streets Pokemon GO-style by taking their snapshots. The insights the devices generate are anonymous, with no sensitive data leaving it at any point. For a glimpse into the future of mobility data collection, check out 2blox’s Web app CrowdQuest.

As part of the integration with peaq, the cameras in the 2blox DePIN will be outfitted with self-sovereign peaq IDs. The decentralized application (dApp) that will enable smart camera owners to monetize the data they collect will run on the peaq network. 

As 2blox brings its DePIN on peaq as the layer-1 backbone, it will make use of peaq’s core Modular DePIN Functions to build its backend and business logic. At the initial stage, it will outfit its smart cameras with self-sovereign peaq IDs. With these, the device owners will be able to quickly connect their devices with peaq through peaq control, add them to their fleet, and link them with the 2blox dApp. 

2blox will also develop and deploy the smart contracts powering the tokenomics of its DePIN on peaq’s Ethereum Virtual Machine chain. Finally, 2blox will launch its dApp on peaq, complete with device management functionality and automated rewards for users. Once live on peaq, the device owners will be able to get extra rewards through peaq’s mechanism that distributes a fraction of the network fees between the connected devices on it.

“Crowdsourcing useful data is the best way to scale fast, and the only fair way to do it is to reward the community with something valuable for that. 2blox is embracing this strategy, and peaq’s machine-specific Modular DePIN Functions and tokenomics will enable the project to grow lightning-fast.”

—  Rémy Gierech, founder of 2blox.
“We’re excited to see 2blox join the peaq ecosystem. The ongoing rise of AI is a boon for any data platforms, and 2blox merges a use case with a proven demand and a model that fairly rewards the contributors.”

— Till Wendler, co-founder of peaq

2blox is the third DePIN to integrate with peaq this summer. Earlier, Brainstem joined the peaqosystem to decentralize health data collection by wearables, and ELOOP joined in to further decentralize the mechanism powering its tokenized Tesla-sharing service.      

About 2blox

Mission: Empowering cities and communities with AIOT that merges the power of AI and IoT to redefine urban mobility. 

Vision: Creating a world where every device, from smartphones to sensors, collaboratively contributes to a smarter, safer, and more sustainable urban future. 

Solution: 2blox offers an integrated AIOT platform that harnesses data from diverse sources. Be it smartphones, sensors, or smart cameras, to provide actionable insights for urban mobility challenges, ensuring cities are more navigable, efficient, and responsive to their inhabitants’ needs, democratizing and monetizing data in the process. 

For more information, visit 2blox, join our Discord, or follow us on Twitter.

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