February 6, 2024

Wayru joins the peaqosystem

What is happening? 

Wayru has joined the peaqosystem to decentralize Internet access for people in LATAM and the USA.

Why is it important? 

Wayru is on a mission to close the digital divide and connect the unconnected. Wayru will be leveraging peaq to accelerate the fulfillment of this mission.

What does it mean for the community?

The peaq community can get ready to welcome more community members from LATAM and the USA, and dive into an exciting new DePIN on peaq bringing with it thousands of devices.

Closing the digital divide

While many in the developed world take Internet access for granted, the harsh reality is that some 3 billion people globally lack this important resource. While a link to this digital trove of knowledge and opportunity could do wonders for the most vulnerable communities, they are the ones lacking it most often. In LATAM, millions are unable to get internet access, which has fundamentally transformed the way we learn, connect, and do business.

Wayru works to close the digital divide, focusing especially on LATAM, South America and the US, by enabling people to share their Internet connections and earn rewards in its $WRU token. Wayru is building a decentralized physical infrastructure network (DePIN) of community-run Web hotspots providing affordable and secure Internet access. Wayru has established strategic partnerships with organizations such as the UN, and in the past year, the network catered to over 250,000 unique users, with a daily active user base of around 4,000 and an impressive 50,000 unique monthly active users worldwide, with over 3 million gigbytes used on the network during this period.

How Wayru leverages peaq

The integration with peaq will see it make its WiFi hotspot firmware compatible with peaq and link its mobile app with the peaq blockchain, enabling users to set up their Hotspots on peaq. Wayru operators will be able to migrate to peaq, earn rewards in the Web3 Economy of Things, and leverage peaq’s Machine DeFi.

To join its network, people can either purchase its Genesis hotspot or install WayruOS on any compatible hotspot. Either way, the next step is minting the device as a Non-Fungible Node (NFN). The NFN works as a track record of their hotspot, tracing its uptime and quality of service, with their rewards based on its performance. The token also grants users access to the network, enabling them to purchase credits at an affordable rate and surf the Web.  

Wayru’s integration with peaq bolsters its progress on the mission to connect the unconnected by enabling the project to tap peaq’s Modular DePIN Functions. The latter include the multi-chain peaq IDs, peer-to-peer machine payments, and role-based access control. It will also enable the Wayru community to earn rewards as part of the Economy of Things on peaq, benefitting from its DePIN-focused economic model, and leverage peaq’s Machine DeFi for setting up new hotspots.

At the initial stage, Wayru will tap the peaq software development kit (SDK) to enable the community to mint their NFNs on peaq. It will also add a peaq-compatible wallet to its mobile app. Later on, it will build a hotspot firmware version with peaq ID support, enabling users to migrate to peaq, and officially launch on peaq. It will also enable the devices on the DePIN to earn $WRU tokens on peaq and add liquidity for the tokens.

“We are building more than a DePIN. The end goal is to make the Internet more decentralized and give the people more ownership in it. This vision is fully aligned with peaq’s values, which will greatly boost the project’s ability to build and scale.”
Charvel Chedraui, CEO at Wayru
“The global digital gap is a crucial hurdle for our progress as a society. The DePIN model is perfect for resolving the crisis, as it gives everyone more ownership in the infrastructure the global web runs on. It’s thrilling to see Wayru put this concept to work on peaq with such a noble goal in mind.”
Till Wendler, co-founder of peaq

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