August 28, 2023

Set up a krest node in just a few clicks with OnFinality

What’s happening?

OnFinality’s Node-on-Demand service adds support for peaq’s canary network krest, enabling anybody to set up a full, archive, or collator node in just a few clicks.

Why is it important?

The more nodes the community runs, the more decentralized krest grows — and that’s very much the goal. Use the code KRESTXONFINALITY when signing up for a $100 discount on setting up your first krest collator node.

What does it mean for the community?

It’s now way easier to set up your own krest node, which means taking part in the 1,400,000 $KREST airdrop for collators is easier too. 

Decentralization is a core tenet of the entire Web3 philosophy. In a blockchain network, decentralization means there’s no central authority managing the ledger — instead, it’s done by community-run nodes following the same protocol. 

In other words, for a Web3 network to be truly decentralized, the community has to set up and run its own nodes… Which is sometimes easier said than done. It’s not exactly rocket science, of course, but your computer skills would have to be a notch above MS Office proficiency. Thankfully, though, there are platforms like OnFinality, which simplify the process to the point where setting up a node is as easy as making a few clicks. And now that its Node-on-Demand service supports krest, peaq’s canary network on Kusama, Polkadot’s sister chain, you can set up your own node — and take part in the 1,400,000 $KREST airdrop for krest collators.

Pick your provider

The OnFinality platform enables you to set up the following nodes for krest:

  • Full node: a node running the runtime and the recent blockchain data.
  • Collator node: A node enabling krest to communicate with the relay chain of Kusama, thus sustaining its operation as a Kusama parachain.
  • Archive node: A node holding the full historical data for the blockchain network.

You can find the full in-depth guide on krest node setup here. To get your node up and running right now, head to OnFinality’s platform and find the Dedicated Nodes tab in the menu on the left. There, click on “Deploy New Node” and type “krest” into the search bar on the right. Hover over krest’s card and click on “Deploy Node”. Make sure to use code KRESTXONFINALITY when signing up with the platform to get a $100 discount on setting up your first krest collator node. 

Note: Only collator nodes take part in the airdrop.

On the next page, you will be able to customize your node. You will be able to pick the node type, set a name for it, choose the cloud provider that will host it, and choose its size and storage space. Once you have confirmed your configuration, all you need to do is confirm your payment plan, and voila, the node is live.

Don’t forget — any collator nodes joining the network in the first month after the token’s public listing gets to take part in a 1,400,000 $KREST airdrop. There’s still a few days left — the designated period wraps up at 23:59 CET on Sunday, September 3. So if you were considering getting some extra $KREST tokens while also helping the network grow, now’s your chance!

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