March 19, 2024

peaq ecosystem expands as Web3way brings Vibe-to-Earn to the Economy of Things

In a nutshell: In the wonderful year of 2023, even our most intimate — literally — data is being harvested and abused by sleazy tech companies. Web3way are having none of that, and now, its connected adult toys are coming to take the peaq ecosystem to the Moon, in a new way. Starting from April, all of Web3way’s connected adult toys will be shipped with unique peaq IDs, enabling users to connect them through peaq control and Vibe-to-Earn the Web3 way.

Size doesn’t matter, they say, and yet, Big Brother somehow never inspires the regular brotherly love. It must be all the snooping, we figure, and it’s really putting Black Mirror to shame these days. As if a phone snooping on its innocent user wasn’t enough, connected adult toys are often doing pretty much the same. Adult toy makers ‘WeVibe’ paid £2.4 million to customers after allegations of monitoring their toy use without asking for their consent just last week. There have been countless more similar cases.

Now, when you say privacy, we hear Web3 — or in this case, Web3way, the leading vibe-to-earn project bringing smart adult toys on-chain. After presenting its starting line-up of products at this year’s CES, it is now joining the peaq ecosystem to put the adult entertainment sector of the IoT market on Web3 rails. 

Buckle up, things are about to get heated.  

So I hear you Web3 folks like rockets…

The starting line-up of Web3way products includes its Rock-it vibrator and the DeepIn vibro-egg. Both toys feature remote control functionality and come equipped with a vast array of settings and programs that deliver experiences of varied intensity. To control the device, the user must hold a unique NFT in their crypto wallet, which enables it to issue its instructions — or grant access to other users while still holding the authority to determine what settings they can access.

Crucially, all devices leverage an array of privacy-first options for storing the data. Users can choose to store no data at all, or select what data they want to store and safely sell to Web3way (vibe-to-earn) in an anonymized way for crypto. The company will use the data purchased this way to develop new pre-set programs and optimize the subsequent products.

“Big Tech doesn't have to be the third wheel in your most intimate moments," says William Johnson, PhD, CEO and co-founder of Web3way. “Our connected adult toys are changing the paradigm for the pleasure industry, and peaq provides the perfect blockchain infrastructure for them. Its machine rewards amplify our own Vibe-to-Earn mechanism, and its core features make life so much easier for our devs. This is the dawn of the Economy of Dongs.'

From April, all of Web3way’s products will be shipped with their unique self-sovereign peaq IDs, decentralized on-chain identities that enable them to interact with other devices and users on the network, while safeguarding their data. Users will be able to connect their devices to peaq’s testnet through peaq control, the Web3 machine control center, to use in Web3way’s Vibe-to-Earn dApp, launching later in the month. With the dApp, they will be able to earn token rewards for using the devices and selling their anonymized data to Web3way, in what is sure to bring a whole new meaning to the term 'peak experience'.

As part of the collaboration, Web3way has filed an application for peaq Foundation’s Ecosystem Grant Program. The bid is now under review by the Program Committee, with a decision expected in the coming weeks.   

With the launch of krest, peaq’s canary network on Kusama, all devices will automatically migrate there and will start earning their owners extra token rewards. These will come from the network’s Machine Rewards, a part of network revenue allocated to all connected devices to incentivize the expansion of the fleet. 

All of Web3way's future products will be automatically compatible with krest as well as peaq’s mainnet, once it goes live. The crowdloan is open, wink-wink, nudge-nudge… Okay, no nudges, let’s keep it platonic.

And if you haven’t realized by now that this is an April Fools’ joke, it just goes to show how plausible all of this is — from the problem, through to the dApp on peaq as a solution. 

If all of this excited you enough to want to search for Web3way, only to be left disappointed, fret not — you can be the change you want to feel in the world, just follow the links below to find out how you can build a dApp like this on peaq.

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