March 19, 2024

peaq and Outlier Ventures launch DePIN Base Camp

What's happening?

peaq has teamed up with Outlier Ventures to launch DePIN Base Camp — a 12-week virtual accelerator for DePINs with workshops, mentorship, and tickets of up to $200k.

Why is it important?

The DePIN Base Camp will help DePIN teams scale their projects faster through access to networking, industry expertise, and investment opportunities, with peaq participating as a layer-1 tailor-made for DePINs in a sign of wide recognition of its leadership in the segment.

What does it mean for the community?

More DePINs gaining exposure to peaq and building on peaq and its ecosystem means more on-chain activity and, ultimately, more value generated for all network stakeholders.

Helping DePINs scale

As much as we hate to repeat ourselves, there’s just no hiding from certain truths. DePINin’ ain’t easy, that’s one of them. Decentralized physical infrastructure networks (DePINs) are exciting, innovative, and full of promise. By targeting real-world markets, from data collection to mobility, energy, and more, they take on long-time Web2 and traditional strongholds — and those don’t fall easy.

Luckily, though, DePINs aren’t fighting this battle on their own. Outlier Ventures, a leading Web3 accelerator, has teamed up with peaq to launch DePIN Base Camp, a 12-week virtual program aimed at arming several select DePINs with all they need to succeed. The latter includes investment of up to $200,000. Applications are open, with teams from all around the world welcome to throw their hats into the ring — and here’s some more juicy details. 

The program will begin in May 2024, with the participants joining remote workshops, mentorship sessions, networking opportunities, and more. Throughout the duration of the program, Outlier Ventures and peaq’s team of in-house experts will provide bespoke support customized to each startup’s needs. The team behind peaq will provide their expertise in various aspects of building and running a DePIN, from architecture to core business model and incentive mechanism. This will include guidance from peaq’s founding team, who have been working on what are now known as DePINs since 2017. The participants will be able to leverage peaq’s layer-1 blockchain network and its Modular DePIN Functions for their projects and test their PoCs on krest, peaq’s sister network. The program will culminate in a Demo Day meant to showcase the participants’ progress and vision to the wider investor community. 

 “DePIN is breaking new ground, extending its reach from digital resources into data/ IoT and social platforms as it becomes more widely adopted. We are really excited to be launching the DePIN Base Camp Accelerator program with peaq to bring our collective expertise to support founders building scalable ventures and addressing real-world needs.”

— Benjamin Meyer, Chief Product Officer at Outlier Ventures  
“DePIN is the most exciting Web3 sector. It’s what everyone’s been waiting for — real-world use. Blockchain-based applications that anyone can use and want to use. It’s promising to see well-respected, forward-thinking Web3 investors in Outlier Ventures recognize its potential so early on. We’re thrilled to be collaborating on this, helping launch projects that will have a big, tangible, positive real-world impact not long from now. peaq was purpose-built to power DePINs, so we’re looking forward to providing the best possible network for the next generation of visionary DePIN founders.”

— Max Thake, co-founder of peaq

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