March 19, 2024

Former Cisco Germany CEO and SVP Central Europe Michael Ganser joins peaq

What is happening?

Michael Ganser, former CEO of Cisco Germany and Cisco’s ex-Senior Vice President for Central Europe, joins Peaq Foundation in an executive role.

Why is it important?

As a renowned business leader and a long-time peaq backer, Michael will build the bridges between peaq and Web2 companies, driving the network’s enterprise adoption and strategy.

What does it mean for the community?

More enterprise adoption means more network activity on peaq, and that results in more value for all stakeholders.

A seasoned business exec joins peaq

peaq, the blockchain for real-world applications and decentralized physical infrastructure networks (DePINs), is on a mission to change the world. It’s here to change the way we manage and earn from our machines, the way we run our most crucial connected infrastructure, the way value is distributed in the age of AI-driven abundance… Sounds ambitious? Well, that’s because it is. And for all the revolutionary potential of Web3, truly fulfilling this vision is a matter of getting the major Web2 players onboard.

No, seriously, wouldn’t it be cool if connected devices, from smartphones to electric vehicles, were shipped off-the-shelf with peaq IDs? If major companies built their products with DePIN needs in mind? All of that would mean more on-chain activity for peaq, more real-world adoption and value being created, and more growth for everyone involved with the network, which definitely goes as cool in our books

Thankfully, few people know the Web2 business world better than Michael Ganser, a former Cisco executive who led the company through decades of growth. As peaq is priming for the mainnet launch — a crucial event bringing the network into an entire new phase — Michael is joining the Peaq Foundation, the non-profit backing peaq and its canary network krest, in an executive role. 

Michael Ganser joins the Peaq Foundation.

Michael will be working to convey peaq’s vision and mission to the world, focusing on Web2 enterprises and companies. As a renowned business leader and a long-time peaq backer, he will tap his vast experience and contact network to drive peaq’s adoption across industries and forge new strong bonds between the Web2 and Web3 universes.

“peaq’s vision is enough to position it as one of the most important projects of the 21st century. The combination of Web3, IoT and AI will be a major innovation and growth driver across the world. The benefits of real world asset tokenization and generating new income sources for Enterprises and Consumers will bring Web3 at the forefront of many business innovations. I had the opportunity to get to know the world class team behind peaq for many years and it is my great pleasure to join the Foundation in an executive capacity and support innovative Enterprises in the transition from Web2 into the Web3 future.”

— Michael Ganser

A track record of business success

Michael has already been supporting the peaq team as a non-executive advisor for four years, with this latest development building up on his prior engagement with the project. As one of the early investors, he lent his entrepreneurial experience and knowledge to back peaq during the crucial years of building and testing. 

Michael joined Cisco, one of the largest IT and networking companies in the world, in 1996 as its general manager/CEO for Switzerland. From there, he held a variety of leadership positions in the company, including VP for Service Provider, VP Central-Eastern Europe, CEO for Cisco Germany, and Senior Vice President for Sales Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Eastern Europe. Under his leadership, Cisco won multiple awards, including being recognized multiple times as the best company to work in several countries. 

“Michael’s knowledge and reach will be vital for peaq as we approach launch. In many ways, this is a continuation of Michael’s life’s work of laying the foundations for the internet and the Internet of Things. As a long-time trusted advisor and friend, he is the perfect addition to the team, and his leadership and management skills will be crucial to establish peaq as the backbone of the Economy of Things. peaq’s mission is to fundamentally transform the way we manage our devices and connected infrastructure. Michael is the perfect person to convey this vision to the boardrooms of machine manufacturers, whose involvement will be important for the ecosystem’s long-term growth and adoption.”

— Till Wendler, peaq’s co-founder

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