December 7, 2020

peaq partners with FATH Mechatronics

The partnership combines FATH Mechatronics’ IoT security hardware with peaq’s access control software to create a next-generation security solution which is ready to be integrated. We welcome FATH Mechatronics as a valuable partner to our growing ecosystem.

Security and compliance systems are and will continue to be critical to business and society. The ways in which they are designed, operated and applied however, are changing fast.

As companies generate data at ever-increasing rates the threat of security breaches - such as data and privacy leaks - increases with it. On the compliance side, manipulation, fraud and malpractice are just the issues that hit the headlines. The majority of compliance processes are still done manually, costing companies huge amounts of resources.

Security and compliance issues can often be traced back to vulnerable access control and management systems. It is still difficult for companies to control who has access to what and when, and how that access can be granted and revoked transparently and securely. This partnership between FATH Mechatronics and peaq aims to change this.

'Within a very short time the TANlock could be integrated with blockchain encryption. peaq and FATH Mechatronics have shown how modern software architectures enable fast implementations.'
Jürgen Sept , CTO, FATH Mechatronics
'With the flexible interfaces of the TANlock it could be shown how fast and agile the company peaq can connect software with highest security requirements.'
Dr. Frank Schütz, CEO, FATH Mechatronics

The purpose of the partnership is to offer joint security solutions in which IoT security hardware offered by FATH Mechatronics and DLT software offered by peaq complement each other to offer seamless and holistic high-security solutions to customers. The two companies have already integrated the solution with a third party successfully and will announce this shortly. There is scope for further products and technologies from both companies to be integrated and create further solutions for more customers in different markets.

Before we developed peaq access control we were already aware that our software would deliver the greatest value to customers when offered as a holistic solution within a framework and ecosystem including partners which bring real, tangible value. 
We developed our peaq access control with companies like FATH Mechatronics in mind. It was clear to us that we could enhance their product offering while they could do the same for us. 
FATH Mechatronics are a very experienced security provider and collaborating with them has been a very straightforward and enjoyable process. We are looking forward to combining our technologies for the benefit of our joint customers.'
- Leonard Dorloechter, Chief Product Officer, peaq

The successful integration of FATH Mechatronics’ TANlock with peaq access control is just the first solution the two companies have worked on. There is scope for further products and technologies from both companies to be integrated and create further solutions for more customers in different markets. This will be explored over the coming weeks.

About FATH Mechatronics

FATH Mechatronics GmbH is an agile, fast growing company based in Spalt, near Nuremberg. The company's main focus of activity is the development, production and marketing of innovative mechatronic products in the B2B sector. In 2018, FATH Mechatronics won the German Data Centre Award with the TANlock. FATH Mechatronics is part of the FATH Group - an international corporate group with around 350 employees. The company specializes in the development and manufacturing of system components for mechanical engineering, industrial hardware and Lean 4.0. FATH maintains its own production, logistics and sales in Germany, the US, China, the UK and Brazil, among others. In selected countries, FATH also has an international network of distribution partners.

About peaq access control:
peaq access control is a DLT based access control and management system. It allows organisations to manage all access rights and permissions from one place rather than via several individual access management systems. The system vastly improves security, reduces costs, streamlines processes, protects user privacy and increases transparency. peaq access control can be integrated with physical access points such as doors, locks and vehicles as well as digital access points such as networks and directories.

For more information on peaq access control click this link.

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