May 2, 2021

peaq selected to join Gaia-X

peaq has been selected to join Gaia-X, the European association for data and cloud as part of the GAIA-X 4 Future Mobility moveID Project which aims to bring cloud applications to autonomous and connected vehicles. We joined with the goal of achieving European data sovereignty and developing common standards for a secure, connected and open data infrastructure to the EU's highest IT security and data protection requirements.

The moveID consortium's task is to integrate cloud applications into autonomous and connected vehicles. In particular, the focus is on establishing a self-sovereign identity (SSI) and data sharing framework based on distributed ledger technologies for the entire automotive and mobility industry.  The overall goal is to create a decentralized ecosystem of data and services that enables autonomous and connected vehicles to integrate with third-party smart infrastructures and services through their self-sovereign identity; taking  the GAIA-X framework into account. 

'GAIA-X represents one of the best avenues for truly decentralised digital infrastructure to reach mass-adoption and have maximum impact on society. We see it as a decentralised alternative to 'Big Tech' through which companies can offer their services, significantly boosting their ability to benefit from the value being created by the data economy.

GAIA-X is also giving control over data and identity back where it belongs; to the individuals, organisations and machines that generate them. We're proud to be working together towards the democratization of the digital economy.'

- Leonard Dorlöchter, CPO, peaq

We are convinced that decentralized data infrastructures can make a significant contribution to strengthening fundamental democratic values and European sovereignty, and support competing companies in finding and offering cooperative solutions in the interests of customers and society. We bring expertise from four years of developing decentralized infrastructures on which companies can build and connect their products, technologies and markets securely and with confidence.

In the area of e-mobility, we have been working with a German automotive group for over two years on a decentralized platform that will significantly simplify charging and payment processes for electric cars. Each vehicle and charging station is given its own identity, which exists on peaq's distributed ledger technology. This allows vehicles to connect to charging stations by any provider and use them with ease, thus replacing fragmentation with interoperability, user-friendly e-charging, and transparent, instant billing.

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