February 3, 2022

peaq dApp wins 2021 Breakthrough Award

peaq won the 2021 Breakthrough Award in the e-Mobility category for the decentralized Electric Vehicle Charging App, which will allow any car to charge at any charging station by leveraging peaq's decentralized blockchain network.

The peaq network powers a decentralized Economy of Things, where individuals and enterprises can build all kinds of decentralized applications (dApps) for users of vehicles, machines, robots and devices, while empowering both app builders and users to govern and earn from them.


The finals of the 5th edition of the Breakthrough Awards were due to take place at Volkswagen in Dresden, but due to a spike in Covid-19 cases the event instead took place remotely. Public voting was held in the weeks before the finals and peaq came out on top. peaq co-founder Leonard Dorloechter then pitched to the renowned jury of experts in the finals to seal the win. 


We’ll be using all the €300,000 in media budget to market the dApp in the DACH region and raise awareness about the potential of this and other e-mobility use cases that have the potential to solve some of the biggest problems in the field. With regards to the charging dApp, we’ll be raising awareness on one aspect in particular; 


You don’t have to buy an electric vehicle to help transition your village, city or country to renewable energy. You can provide green energy to electric vehicle users by offering a charger (or multiple chargers) on peaq’s network - and earn from it. 


Decentralized Charging is just one dApp that will run on the peaq network, yet it can end range anxiety - the biggest barrier to prospective electric vehicle purchases worldwide, and massively speed up the transition to sustainable energy. The dApp will be fully decentralized, accessible to millions of people and enterprises worldwide. Electric Vehicle Charging will be one of many dApps deployed on the peaq network by people and enterprises. peaq provides the best possible tools to build dApps for machines and the economic mechanisms to incentivise a machine economy that works for all who form part of it.

A huge thank you once again goes to the incredible peaq team and to everyone who took a minute to vote for peaq in the 2021 Breakthrough Awards.


About the award: https://www.connect.de/news/breakthrough-award-2021-startup-wettbewerb-teilnehmen-3201697.html 

peaq's nomination: https://www.connect.de/ratgeber/breakthrough-award-2021-emobility-peaq-3201792.html


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