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Below is a non-exhaustive list of applications and solutions being built for vehicles, machines, robots and devices using peaq. Applications and solutions run on the .

Vehicle Charging

Use any charging station with any car.

Alice owns a charging station that she wants to profit from when she’s not using it. Alice isn’t always home to coordinate charging station availability and collect fees. She also doesn’t want to sign up for a paid service because she is unsure how often she’ll make it available and doesn’t want to pay the hefty fees. With a decentralized charging solution built using peaq’s platform, anyone can rent Alice’s charging station directly from her whenever it’s available. Alice does not have to wait around to coordinate the charging session and collect fees. Alice also does not have to pay a central service provider, nor does she have to sign up for multiple providers since any electric vehicle is compatible with her decentralized charging solution. She can maximise its availability with minimum cost and risk.

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Access Management

Manage all access points from one place.

Alice’s company owns and stores a lot of sensitive data. Her company's offices has several physical access points such as gates, lifts and doors. She wants to manage access to all access points using one system so that she and her employees only need one secure app to access anything. For security reasons, she also wants the app to have a permanent history of who accessed what and when.
Using peaq’s platform Alice can use a GDPR -compliant decentralized access control solution to manage all the company’s access points and users. The solution will provide her with a permanent record of access histories for all access points and users. This can be extended to digital access points, such as networks, too.


Don't let city space go to waste.

Alice owns a parking slot in a crowded city that she wants to rent out when she’s not using it. She’s not always home to collect parking fees and make sure people use the parking spot for as long as they say they do. She also doesn’t want to sign up for a paid service that would do all of this for her because she’s unsure about how often she’ll rent out her parking spot and doesn't want to pay the high fees. With a decentralized parking solution built using peaq’s platform, Alice can rent out her spot directly to anyone, any time without having to go through any intermediaries. Alice doesn’t have to pay a service provider, which makes it easier to rent out her parking slot, without providing a third party data about when she’s home and when she’s not.

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Grant vehicles permission with ease.

Alice is tasked with setting up an easy and cost effective way to handle access and payment for vehicles to access specific areas and roads in her city. She doesn’t want to use an expensive third party service for electronic toll collection. By leveraging peaq’s platform to create a decentralized zoning solution, she doesn’t have to. A decentralized zoning platform allows vehicles to pay for access instantly and directly to the owner, in this case the city. Drivers can simply access the desired streets and pay for them automatically, for exactly as long as they're used. This can be done for trucks travelling across borders, cars on highways, bikes in city streets, boats at sea, delivery drones in the sky, and virtually any situation that requires person A to pay person B for access permission.

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Vehicle Sharing

Offer any vehicle, to anyone, any time.

Alice owns a car that she wants to make available for rent whenever she's not using it. She isn’t always home to check the renter’s documents, handover of the keys and collect the rental fee. She could use a paid service but she’s unsure how often she’ll rent out her car and doesn’t want to pay the high fees. Using peaq’s platform, Alice can offer her car on a decentralized car-sharing platform. People can rent Alice’s car whenever it's available, pay Alice directly, and not have to go through any intermediaries. This is possible for all kinds of rental vehicles and machines, and in the future will enable autonomous cars to seamlessly and efficiently function as robo-taxis and autonomous delivery vehicles.

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peaq blockchain platform ota update automotive

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If you'd like to inquire about how you and your company can leverage one of the above solutions, or you're interested in developing a decentralized solution using peaq solution platform, just get in touch.