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peaq in one sentence is a blockchain network powering the Economy of Things.

In its simplest form, peaq is open-source software network that is run, improved, and used by anyone, anywhere - with no intermediaries.

The peaq network empowers people to build apps that enable vehicles, robots, and devices to provide services to people and other machines with no intermediaries, while economically incentivizing people and machines to act in each other’s best interests.

The result? An Economy of Things that works for all people and machines.

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peaq’s global community brings together people from all walks of life behind a common goal. Twitter gets the news first. Discord is where the conversation’s at. Discuss, engage - join the movement.

Help build the peaq ecosystem

peaq is the flagship project by EOT Labs, an open-source development, incubation and deployment organization. EOT Labs is a team of entrepreneurs and engineers spread all over the globe, on a mission to upgrade the Big Tech-based Internet of Things to the Web3 Economy of Things, unleashing the full potential of vehicles, robots, and devices for the betterment of humanity - the 100%, not just the 1%.

EOT Labs

Join the world’s fastest growing
Economy of Things ecosystem

Where the Internet of Things meets Web3 is called the Economy of Things, and where the people building the Economy of Things meet and collaborate is called the peaq ecosystem. The peaq ecosystem is the world’s first and fastest growing EoT ecosystem. Join today and leverage it to pioneer your niche, field or industry.


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