Frequently Asked Questions

What is a DePIN?

Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks (DePINs) are networks that use tokens to encourage people to collaborate and construct real-world physical infrastructure networks.
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How is peaq the best layer-1 for DePINs?

peaq is a Layer 1 blockchain designed specifically for Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks (DePIN). It offers scalability beyond 10,000 TPS (Transactions Per Second) at a minimal cost of approximately $0.00025 per transaction. peaq utilizes an environmentally friendly architecture and leverages the Ethereum and Polkadot ecosystems. It supports EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) and ink! Smart Contracts, providing builders with flexibility and convenience.

The platform offers out-of-the-box backend functionalities, including self-sovereign Machine IDs, role-based access control (peaq access), payment processing, data storage, NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), and autonomous AI agents. Rust functions can be accessed through the peaq SDK in JavaScript. Additionally, peaq has multi-chain capability, allowing seamless interaction with Polkadot and Cosmos for cross-chain machine identities, as well as bridges to Ethereum.

The economic model of peaq incentivizes users and machines within the Economy of Things, fostering an active ecosystem.

What is the Economy of Things?

The Economy of Things is a decentralized network economy that is built and owned by the people and machines that utilize it. In this system, connected things are able to monetize the value they generate, thereby gaining more autonomy and economic independence.
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What is EoTLabs?

EoT Labs is a pioneer in the "Economy of Things" (EoT) with a specific focus on the Web3 Machine Economy. They are dedicated to developing protocols, tools, and decentralized applications (dApps) for the era of decentralized automation. EoT Labs is the company that powers peaq.
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I am starting a DePIN myself, how do I start building on peaq?

First, familiarize yourself with the networks present in the peaq ecosystem. peaq's distinctive EVM and Substrate architecture also allows for various blockchain explorers to monitor both sides of the chain.

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What is the function of krest?

krest is peaq's canary network, which is the world's first and only DePIN simulation network. krest serves as a platform for socio-economic, technical, community, and governance innovation and experimentation within the peaq ecosystem.
Just remember: Test on krest.
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Is krest a test network?

krest is peaq's canary network, serving as the world's first and only simulation network for DePIN (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks) and the Economy of Things.
krest provides a platform for socio-economic, technical, community, and governance innovation. Users can launch dApps and DePINs and evaluate their impact in a live environment on a public blockchain network. This allows for experimentation without the risk of causing real-world harm.

What’s the difference between peaq and krest?

krest, in comparison to peaq, is a more experimental platform with a "live-fast, die young" approach. It offers lower entry barriers and serves as a testing ground for innovations before they are launched on peaq. While both platforms have advanced technology, krest specializes in simulations, enabling users to test machines and services before implementing them in the real world on peaq.

What community platforms are you active on?

You can find peaq on X, Discord, Telegram, YouTube, GitHub, Dework, and Zealy. You can also find krest on X.

What are the best ways to participate in the community?

If you want to learn more or contribute to the community, please join our Discord server. If you want to learn more about the peaqosystem, complete quests and earn XP on Zealy (you might also win $KREST).

I have a great idea for a DePIN, where do I submit it?

The peaq Ecosystem Grant Program offers early-stage funding and research support to people who would like to build dApps and DePINs on peaq. 
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When will the peaq token be launched?

The PEAQ token generation event (TGE) has not taken place yet. Please watch out for updates on our socials.

What is the utility of the peaq token?

Here is a summary of the token’s core functions:
Transaction fees: Every transaction on the network uses tokens to ensure consistent demand.
Governance: Token holders can vote on pivotal network decisions to promote community-led evolution.
Earnings: The networks compensate collators and delegators for block production. Additionally, tokens can provide liquidity in Machine DeFi and open voting on dApps, offering holders a source of yield.
Machine staking: Machine operators can stake tokens to represent their machine's reputation and service quality. Potential penalties and rewards are based on performance, further driving token demand and ensuring quality service delivery.
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How do Machine NFTs work?

Machine NFTs tokenize individual or grouped machines on the blockchain. This allows for distributed ownership, revenue sharing, and crowdfunding. These NFTs can be fractionally owned through child NFTs, which act as the financial and ownership bridge for physical service-providing assets.
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Which DePINs and dApps are building on peaq?

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