All you need to use and earn from the peaq network|

There are two core apps to interact with the peaq network and earn from it: peaq control and peaq portal.

Peaq Control

peaq control is Mission Control for all your connected machines, vehicles, robots and devices. Add and manage machines, send them on missions to provide services to people and machines - and earn.

What can you do with peaq control?


Give your machines Self-Sovereign Machine IDs.


Link your machines with dApps on peaq.


Earn as your machines provide goods and services.


Track and manage your machines and earnings.

Take control

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Peaq Portal

peaq portal is your one-stop-shop for everything related to the PEAQ token: providing liquidity, voting and governance, buying and selling PEAQ, minting Machine NFTs - and more.

What can you do with peaq portal?


Provide liquidity to the network.


Buy and sell PEAQ tokens.


Mint Machine NFTs and receive rewards.


Vote on dApps and machine subsidies.

Enter the portal

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The PEAQ Token

The PEAQ token is the native utility token of the peaq network and ecosystem - it is the lifeblood of the Economy of Things. To stay in the loop on all token announcements, follow peaq on CoinMarketCap and Twitter.

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