Steffen Seifarth is an experienced investor, business angel and board member. He is the former CEO of Mäurer & Wirtz GmbH & Co. KG, as well as a former Vice President of multinational beauty company Coty Inc. During his tenure as Vice President of Coty between 2009 and 2015, Steffen transformed the company’s Prestige business in Eastern Europe from a distribution operation to the company’s own subsidiaries, quadrupling revenue and profit and successfully building up the brand while implementing an agile organisation model and an advanced multichannel distribution strategy.

As CEO of Mäurer & Wirtz, Germany’s No. 3 player in the fragrance market, Steffen pivoted the business model to an innovation driven approach, successfully rejuvenating classic brands like 4711 and Tabac. This led to the company taking over market leadership in the female masstige market from industry giant Coty. By fostering an agile and open organisation structure and culture he also expanded the company’s international reach, building strongholds in China, South East Asia, Russia and South Africa, as well as implementing a modern eCommerce strategy.

Prior to his time at Coty and Mäurer & Wirtz, Steffen also held management roles with Lycos Europe and Procter & Gamble.  Here is what Steffen had to say joining peaq:

„The discovery of peaq and its proprietary technology opened up new horizons for me! I have always been fascinated by the possibilities of technology to transform and disrupt entire industries.

With the DAGchain, a novel data structuring mechanism, peaq have created a new type of Distributed Ledger Technology. It avoids many of the „classic“ drawbacks of blockchain and forms the basis for a hyper-scalable ecosystem. This creates almost boundless potential with fascinating use-cases across a multitude of industries.

I am proud to be part of this journey and excited about the possibility to help peaq with my network and experience to grow and apply their technology across many different contexts.“


We’ve been working with Steffen for half a year already following his investment in peaq’s Strategic Angel Round back in September. We’re excited to now welcome him to our Advisory Board. Steffen is very active among startups and knows what it takes to successfully make an impact as a young German startup. His vast network, expert advice and knowledge of the space will be a big boost for peaq over the coming months.

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