The peaq team is excited to share that peaq scan, the first open-source blockchain explorer built on Substrate for the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystem, is now available on peaq’s GitHub.

‘We didn’t find an open-source blockchain explorer that we could easily clone and adjust to our needs - so we built one. In doing so, we’re giving something back to the Polkadot community that has already given us so much support.’

- Leonard Dorloechter, co-founder, peaq

peaq scan enables you to display all kinds of information related to the Economy of Things being built on the peaq network, with a special emphasis on creating a great user experience for users of the peaq network. 

peaq scan reads blockchain data from specified network addresses and displays it in a way that makes it easy to know what is happening on the network at any time. Real time chain data is fetched directly from the network using the PolkadotJS API. It includes information like chain height, number of finalized blocks, latest blocks, latest transfers, total issuance, etc. 

Historical chain data such as lists of events, transfers, extrinsics, and more, are fetched from our data aggregation infrastructure at Subsquid. Subsquid provides an aggregation service that pulls data from the chain and stores them in a searchable database enabling fast searches, filters and list pagination using GraphQL APIs.

As of now, the features and functionality are relatively basic but we will continue to develop them further. 

You can use peaqScan to visualize data from the Agung testnet, here.

You can find the repository, here.

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