We’ve been developing peaq access control for over two years with the goal of harnessing some of Distributed Ledger Technology’s most powerful benefits - cybersecurity, transparency and decentralization - for access control management.

We’re pleased to announce that peaq access control is now integration-ready, making it one of the world’s first ready-to-use Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) solutions. We’ll be announcing our first integration and sales partners over the coming days and weeks but first, here’s a bit more about the solution.

peaq access control is a DLT based access control and management system. It allows organisations to manage all access rights and permissions from one place rather than via several individual access management systems. The system vastly improves security, reduces costs, streamlines processes, protects user privacy and increases transparency. peaq access control can be integrated with physical access points such as doors, locks and vehicles as well as digital access points such as networks and directories.

In case you would like to jump straight to the demo, here’s a link:

The need for peaq access control stems from the centralized nature of existing access management systems. They have two overarching issues; security and inefficiency. On the security front, centralized systems are vulnerable to hacks, fraud, privacy leaks and data manipulation. In the context of access control, this leads to critical security risks such as unauthorized access to physical and digital access points, as well as user data leaks which cost companies huge amounts of money and damage their reputation. Data protection laws such as GDPR were set up to guard people against this core failure of centralized systems. In doing so they’ve also further disadvantaged companies by forcing them to delete user access histories, leading to a loss of valuable data that could otherwise be used for analytics and optimisation of their services.

As for the inefficiency of centralized access control systems, a lot of it can be attributed to fragmentation. As of today, companies use different access management systems for different access points. One for networks, one for doors and locks, one for directories, and so on. These all have to be managed, integrated, monitored and administered per user, per system, and the majority of this is done manually which leads to high costs, delays and human error. On top of that, each individual system is subject to the cybersecurity risks mentioned above. 

As companies continue to grow and digitalize on these centralized systems, complexity and costs continue to increase and crucially, so does risk. That’s why we built peaq access control, a future-proof alternative to the status quo.

As a DLT infrastructure company, our core focus has always been to develop the most advanced DLT for business to allow solutions such as peaq access control to perform at the highest level on top of it. By shifting access control management onto a DLT, each action, update and record is stored and recorded on an immutable database as a non-personalised transaction. A fully transparent database leaves no room for hidden actions or unauthorised changes which plague centralised systems. It pushes access control systems to an unprecedented level of speed and security for access control software and hardware providers, the organisations that use the systems and end-users.

For the first time, the entire access management history - including all actions and records - can be stored on a decentralised database where it cannot be hacked, manipulated, altered without authorisation or unduly deleted. This can be done while maintaining full GDPR compliance by decoupling the data from the users. This creates the ability to store full user data history without having to delete it, allowing companies to analyse and utilise more data without putting their users or themselves at risk. 

In terms of solving fragmentation, it allows existing access control systems to be integrated into one decentralised solution, without them having to change the way their systems function. They can leverage peaq access control to have fixed roles and non-personalised identities, allowing organisations and private individuals to use and manage multiple systems which monitor and manage access to different buildings, networks or machines - all from one platform. This ends fragmented user experiences and prevents human error on the access management side as well. Access points can be shared between organisations and private individuals for buildings, digital products or for services like car sharing. peaq access control gives the growing hyperconnected world the badly needed backbone to reach new heights in user experience and security.

All of this put together makes monitoring much easier and fully transparent. Overall, it massively increases security and saves huge amounts of resources for companies with multiple access points to manage, as well as for the providers of products and services that require highly secure and efficient data control and management. In addition, companies can choose to have their auditing companies and their insurance companies become part of the system and have access to the immutable records needed for compliance processes. This would make the auditing process faster, cheaper and more secure for both parties.

"The successful development of one of the world's first integration-ready DLT solutions for access control is an important moment for all of us - but being one of the first was never our main goal. We have always focused on getting things done right, creating value and providing meaningful support to our partners, clients and their industries."
"peaq access control massively increases cyber security and efficiency, while enabling all access points - digital and physical - to be controlled and managed in an easily auditable, fully verifiable and GDPR-compliant manner – all from one place. We've developed a truly future-proof problem solver. Our first customers and partners see it the same way."

- Till Wendler, CEO

For a step-by-step demonstration of how peaq access control works, click the link here: https://youtu.be/etQFhBJEhb4. Special thanks to kiwi.ki for providing the first physical access point to run on peaq access control.

peaq is now ready to be integrated. We are now accepting orders and are due to announce our first integrations partners next week. For more information on how your business can leverage peaq access control, check out this link: https://www.peaq.io/blockchain-access-control or contact us on sales@peaq.io

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